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Fun Facts About Ruswai Drama Star Minna Tariq – umang

Minna Tariq is a young and new actress from Pakistan. She is the daughter of legendary Pakistani actress Rubina Ashraf. Minna Tariq is famous for her role as the infamous Warda Ruswai drama series. Minna Tariq has done a wonderful job on the Ruswai drama series. She has demonstrated her acting skills with incredible acting skills. Here is Minna Tariq's full biography. Let's dig deeper to learn more about this awesome newcomer. Minna Tariq was born on November 5 in Karachi. Minna Tariq is the daughter of veteran Pakistani actress and director Rubina Ashraf and Tariq Mirza. Her father does not belong to the Pakistani entertainment industry. She has the only brother. She is single and single. She lives in Karachi with her family. Minna Tariq started her entertainment career with the drama series Vanee in 2011. But she took a long break and returned with incredible acting skills in the fabulous drama series Ruswai. Minna Tariq played the role of Warda in Ruswai and has impressed everyone with her amazing acting skills. Minna Tariq has played the role of Warda very well and her acting skills proved her to be a brilliant actress like her mother Rubina Ashraf. The Ruswai drama is directed by Rubina Ashraf and has highlighted a very important issue in our society. Minna Tariq has worked on very few drama series, but after her brilliant acting as Warda in the drama Ruswai, fans would love to see her in more dramas. Minna Tariq and Rubina Ashraf have spread awareness in society with the drama series Ruswai. Minna has worked with the brilliant actors Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar in Ruswai and her performance has shown her to be an amazing actress. Everyone hopes to see Minna Tariq in more dramas like Ruswai.

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