Chelsea opt against pay cut, tell players to donate to charity – World

Chelsea opt against pay cut, tell players to donate to charity – World

Chelsea in the English Premier League have said they will not impose a pay cut on their first-team team in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

But the club added Saturday that they had asked players to continue donating to charities during the ongoing pandemic.

The West London club is reported to have been in talks with its players about a pay cut of around 10 percent in a bid to cut costs at a time when football has been suspended due to the virus.

That figure, however, is significantly less than the 30pc Premier League suggestion for all clubs.

But that hasn't stopped the Stamford Bridge side from taking its own course of action, as they highlighted the #PlayersTogether initiative launched by Premier League players earlier this month, which aims to raise and distribute funds for charities that support the National Health Service (NHS) of Great Britain.

"Chelsea board representatives recently had extensive discussions with the men's first team to discuss how they can contribute financially to the club during the coronavirus crisis," said a club statement.

"The goal of these talks has been to find a meaningful partnership to ensure job preservation for staff, compensate fans, and participate in activities for good causes.

"We are grateful to the team for having played their part in helping the club with community activities, as well as all the charitable causes they have been supporting in their respective home countries and through the Players Together initiative supporting the NHS."

The statement added: "At this time, the men's first team will not contribute financially to the club and instead the board has directed the team to focus its efforts on further supporting other charitable causes.

"As this crisis unfolds, the club will continue to have discussions with the first men's team regarding financial contributions to club activities."

The Blues, meanwhile, said they would not take advantage of British government coronavirus job retention or the leave scheme, with casual workers and workday staff compensated by the club until June 30.

Newcastle and Norwich are currently the only two Premier League clubs using the permit for some of their non-playing employees, while Liverpool, Tottenham and Bournemouth were forced to make a U-turn after their plans to use the scheme. were criticized.



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