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& # 39; Earthquake at Delhi NCR & # 39; – Umang

& # 39; Earthquake at Delhi NCR & # 39;: I felt tremor in Delhi-NCR on Sunday evening. During this period, people moved out of the house. On Sunday evening, the earthquake felt the progress of the earthquake around 5:46 PM. According to the IMD, the magnitude of the earthquake in East Delhi was 3.5. The IMD said the epicenter of the earthquake was in East Delhi. This made me feel more in Delhi.

Earthquake progress in Delhi NCR Delhi -NCR Center for earthquake progress

Earthquake in Delhi NCR Full Report

An earthquake occurred on December 20, 2019 at Delhi NCR. According to the initial information, there was no loss of any kind. However, after the earthquake, people came out of their homes with fear and fear. As soon as I felt the shock of the earthquake, people in the office came out of the workplace.

Delhi earthquake latest news

Earthquakes shook for a few seconds due to the earthquake. During this period, people were frightened and due to the center of East Delhi, Delhi NCR felt more progress in this earthquake. During this period, everything was quiet until many people could understand it.

Delhi belongs to earthquake zone 4, this area is very close to Himayal. Explain that there is a lock across the country. People are in their own homes. In such a situation, the progress of all earthquakes began immediately. But the good thing is that even at this time you can see people going out and following social distances well. According to preliminary information, this earthquake shock was described as 4.1.

Scientists say artificial & # 39; seismic noise & # 39; has been reduced as a result of preventive measures to quarantine around the world. Due to this, even low intensity earthquakes can be identified more accurately and clearly. He made it clear that this shutdown did not reduce the vibrations of the Earth's surface at all. Scientists have said that earthquake noise is a constant vibration of the ground.

& # 39; Earthquake at Delhi NCR & # 39; Earthquake occurred at East Delhi.


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