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Whether you choose synthetic or real hair extensions All procedures from wear and gluing to sewing and clipping
Disadvantages. Even if you are willing to pay for the highest quality products And application, there is still no guarantee that the hair extension will not end Damage their tress.

Learn more about the biggest reasons to avoid hair Determine if it’s worth extending. While small Clip on extensions is not dangerous, hair extensions of all types can be done
Beyond what you negotiated

Hair damage

The weight of the extension is always a problem
Breakage is almost guaranteed. Your hair can get worse afterwards.
Force reselect process using extension rather than before
Continue the damage cycle. Unless you use the lightest clip hair
Extension, you really need to improve your hair care routine to help fight

Maintenance hassle

One of the most obvious reasons to avoid hair extensions
The fact that they require a lot of maintenance. Expected monthly visit
If you keep your beauty salon steady and beyond, there is a risk of more damage.
It also needs to be replaced every few months, which is another expensive
Expert travel.

Equally stuck

If you want to change your hairstyle regularly
The extension is definitely not for you. There is no freedom to experiment
Change the situation according to your mood. You may have beautiful long hair.
But you are stuck in it, and its limits may be cumbersome and worthless.

Looking for fake

Show off and bring expensive extensions
One of the reasons to avoid hair extensions performed by a specialist is
They usually look fake Even stranger
If you apply hair to the extension and choose straight extension
It also looks fake.

Losing you

The safest way to wear an extension is also
Damage to the hair and scalp. If you are afraid to drop
Especially if you only have a special day,
Rethink the salon appointment. There is no hair extension expert.
It helps to solve the problem.

High cost

One reason to avoid hair extensions
You may pay more than you originally thought. Leave aside
Even if there is a cost of maintenance, it must be replaced regularly. If you are
If you choose an expensive option, it is difficult to downgrade for the following reasons:
You got dressed and made the most of your credit card.

Risk of headache

Migraine can happen daily in many cases
Resistance to scalp tension. Hair extensions draw from roots and they can
It actually causes unfamiliar headaches. If already selected
Pain in the scalp area
Migraine, it is recommended to get rid of it quickly.

Permanent hair loss

Traction alopecia is one of the most terrible reasons.
Avoid hair extensions. Not only damage the hair, but also pull
Break out of the roots and leave bald patches. Because of weight
Tension of hair extension, permanent damage to the scalp is not a small risk.
As soon as you start to notice hair loss, it’s time to get out of your hair.
Good extension.


Real hair extensions are the most expensive and realistic
Have you been looking but wondered where you are from? They probably
The consequences of exploitation of poor women with the least wages
Part of the price willing to pay for gorgeous hair.

End by wrong

Is long hair right for you? One of the reasons
Avoiding hair extensions is just
A few days they don’t actually work for you. Before you show off on high
Try quality extension, wig and decide if this actually looks
Improve your style.


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