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Social Media to Cause Hair Loss, DevaCurl Product Sweep • Hollywood Unlock

DevaCurl, a popular curly hair care company, is facing backlash after influential people and customers have found that their products damage hair and cause hair loss.

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According to viseThousands of women shared horror stories related to DevaCurl products on social media after one of Ayesha Malik's brand promoters said they had badly damaged their hair after years of using the product. Malik said in the video description that he suffered from hair loss, dandruff and loose curl patterns.

“I am suffering from serious hair and scalp problems. I previously recommended DevaCurl, but no longer. ”

On Twitter, @princessfabby users posted photos before and after the alleged damage caused by the product and encouraged their followers to stop using it.

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Also Facebook group Composed of 14,000 women, uploaded a photo showing evidence of hair loss. The group was created by Florida-based hair stylist Stephanie Mero AKA CurlNinja. She personally suffered from hair loss and damage after using the product and made several videos to warn others.

Here are some other testimonies posted on Twitter: Tell us what you think about Yappa.


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