Fazaia Housing Scheme: PAF offers NAB help to redress grievances of 5,700 victims of housing scam – Pakistan

KARACHI: An accountability court was informed on Tuesday that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had offered the National Office of Accountability to help repair the complaints of more than 5,700 people allegedly cheated by billions of rupees on behalf of the Fazaia Housing Plan.

On Tuesday, investigating officer Aslam Pervez Abro presented a progress report in court regarding the alleged case of the Fazaia Housing Plan of Rs13 billion.

Two builders, Tanveer Ahmed and Bilal Tanveer, have been arrested and are currently in NAB custody for allegedly depriving the public of Rs 13,000 million through investments in the scheme.

Both suspects were brought before the administrative judge of the accountability courts, Judge Farid Anwar Qazi, and the OI sought the extension of their physical custody for further investigation.

The IO presented a progress report through the special prosecutor Shahbaz Sahotra indicating that during the interrogation more evidence had been recorded that both suspects were involved in deceiving the general public in collusion with PAF officers / officials.

He mentioned that the PAF had submitted a request to the federal anti-theft surveillance agency to help repair the complaints of victims of the scam by detained builders. The request is currently in the prosecution department of the office for legal investigation, IO said in the report.

The report added that the suspects had illegally seized / invaded about 180 acres of government land destined for the K-IV project to supply additional water to the metropolis.

The report also mentioned that about 36 more joint bank accounts of the suspects had been detected, which were necessary to track the money trail. Therefore, the prosecutor asked the court to extend the physical detention of suspects held in NAB custody.

The judge extended his preventive detention until February 6 with the address to appear before the court on the next date with the progress report.

At the last hearing, the IO stated in a progress report that during the investigation it had come to light that the PAF began this project on behalf of the rehabilitation of war heroes and the families of martyrs, but the record showed that Of the 8,400 planned housing units, only 30 units were assigned to Shuhada families, which denied the very purpose of the housing plan.

He added that during the scrutiny of the file it was learned that the builders detained in active collusion with PAF officials collected Rs18,208,247,781 in several heads. The report indicated that both builders raised the enormous amount of 5,732 people, adding that the figure did not include PAF personnel who were attracted to buy housing units within their own department.

In executing and launching the scheme, the suspects openly ignored the relevant laws and carried out their advertising, sale, development and reservation without obtaining approval of their design plan from the Malir Development Authority (MDA) and the certificate of no objection from the Sindh Building Control Authority, he said.

Source: https://www.dawn .com/news/1531096/fazaia-housing-scheme-paf-offers-nab-help-to-redress-grievances-of-5700-victims-of-housing-scam


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