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What is a better fitness band? Know Between Honor Band 5i vs. Mi Band 4
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Honor Band 5i Vs Mi Band 4: In recent years, the trend of wearing fitness bands is increasing, especially among young people. On January 14, HONOR launched a fitness band called HONOR Band 5i, stylish and innovative not only in design, but also in display and functionality. Since its launch, this fitness band has settled in the minds of young people. Please tell me how this exercise band compares to Mi Band 4.

Design Young people like that type of fitness band have found the design very attractive. The design of the HONOR Band 5i is very fresh and different from the design of the Mi Band 4. Looking at the design, this fitness band should be on your wrist. The watch style strap looks beautiful on your wrist and fits correctly. The strap of the Mi Band 4 is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, while the HONOR Band 5i is made of silicone rubber. The HONOR Band 5i is slightly lighter than the Mi Band 4 and fits comfortably on your wrist. The Honor Band 5i weighs 15 grams and the Mi Band 4 weighs 22.1 grams. Both bands are 5ATM waterproof.

Influencing Honor band 5i The most colorful display. The new color touch display sets you apart from other fitness bands. If you see the beautiful display, you will feel like buying. HONOR Band 5i's HD resolution is 2.4cm (0.96 ”) display with 80X160 resolution. Full touch screen allows you to control with your finger. Color touch screen color coded text calls for quick and easy communication, icons are displayed to give you a different experience. Talk about the Mi Band 4 display, the display at 120 x 240 resolution is normal and slightly counterfeit in front of the display of the HONOR Band 5i.

Honor band 5i Started with many new features. It mainly includes features such as TruSeen and TruSleep. The TruSeen feature monitors your 24×7 heart rate and alerts you when it is above or below normal levels. Heart rate monitor technology. Talking about the TruSleep feature will help you properly track 6 different sleep types and get better sleep suggestions. This improves your sleep quality. It identifies your daily sleeping habits and suggests about 200 personal assessments. In this way, you can keep your body with the help of these two techniques. Mi Band 4 also has the ability to monitor sleep and heart rate, but the accuracy and technology with which the HONOR Band 5i feature works is not as good as Mi.

SpO2 is another unique feature that is not in the band available on the market, but it is available in the HONOR band 5i. SpO2 tells you the level of oxygen in your blood. This feature is useful for those who like fitness or pay much attention to their health.

Today it is most important to keep yourself healthy. This not only keeps you healthy, but also improves your personality. Honor band 5i Act as an advanced running planner to track high levels of fitness and provide protection based on your requirements. The HONOR Band 5i key list includes monitor features such as heart rate, workout time, distance, stride length, speed, calories and aerobics to track with complete accuracy and intelligence and provide accurate results with data. In addition, other running modes include outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor biking, indoor biking, elliptical trainer, and free training. Mi Band 4 tracks daily activities such as walking, running, swimming in the pool and cycling, but when it comes to detail and accuracy, HONOR Band 5i takes the lead.

We can change the strap to give the fitness band a new look. The strap comes in a variety of colors, but the HONOR Band 5i is a fitness band that lets you change your watch face. This means that you can apply your favorite watch face to various locations, such as at home, office and gym, to refresh your fitness band and look more stylish. Here you can change the watch face with Mi Band 4, but the watch face of HONOR Band 5i looks more fresh and trendy.

Users can see notifications for various apps in Mi Band and reject calls. It also provides features such as find my phone, message notifications, remote picture tracking, music control, incoming call notifications, stopwatch and activity notifications. By the way, all of the above connection features Honor band 5i. However, & # 39; Remote Camera Photo Shooting & # 39; is a feature only available in Honor Band 5i. The feature of this feature is that you can connect to your smartphone and control the camera. In other words, you can also take pictures through it. This feature provides a different experience.

To revive the fitness band, Mi promises 20 days of battery life in the band. At the same time, HONOR Band 5i offers 7 days of battery life. The HONOR Band 5i has a built-in USB port for easy charging of your fitness band. With their help, you can charge the band anytime, anywhere with a laptop or other device.

The price for Mi band 4 is Amazon's Rs 2,299. The price of HONOR Band 5i was maintained at Rs in 1999. In this way, we can say that HONOR Band 5i is an affordable fitness band with tremendous features, brilliant display and great design. HONOR Band 5i will be available to all consumers on Amazon from December 1, 18 noon to January 19, 2020, for prime members.

Because of the lifestyle of today, you can not properly manage your health. You need a smart fitness band, which perfectly manages your fitness to heart rate and sleep. Honor band 5i This problem is perfectly met. The band is smart, stylish and has many new features. In such a situation, it will not only give the youth a fresh experience at a reasonable price, but also improve their style.

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