Suniel Shetty said for the first time in the Athiya shetty relationship with Kiel Rahul – Umang

Suniel Shetty said for the first time in the Athiya shetty relationship with Kiel Rahul
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Both children of the actor Sunil Shetty are discussing these days. His daughter Atiya Shetty heard about her case. At the same time, Sunil Shetty's son Ahan Shetty was featured in the news about her Bollywood debut. In the new year, Ahan Shetty and Athiya Shetty went abroad to spend a vacation with their partner.

There are reports that Athiya Shetty is dating the cricketer KL Rahul. Ahan Shetty's girlfriend is Tania Shroff. Sunil Shetty talked about how she thinks about the love life of two children. In an interview with the Bombay Times, Sunil Shetty said, “ I think it's very important to live happier than today. When we see today's generation, they are very upset that I am getting better. Is my clothes correct? ‘

Sunil Shetty also said, “ The time has changed. I know the choice of children. I love Ahaan's girlfriend and I love her as Athiya is watching. I have no problem with this. Maana (Sunil Shetty's wife) is no problem and she is happy. ”

In the past, KL Rahul shared a photo on Instagram. He looks with Athiya. Both are standing in the phone booth. KL Rahul puts the phone in his ear and Athiya is laughing right next to him. Along with this picture, KL Rahul writes the famous conversation titles & # 39; Hera-Pheri & # 39; by Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal. In the film, Paresh Rawal's character name is Devi Prasad.

This painting by KL Rahul was commented by Sunil Shetty and his son Ahan Shetty. While Ahan Shetty made funny emoticons, Sunil Shetty posted some great emoticons by hand. Looking at the comments on KL Rahul's photo, it seems that Sunil Shetty agreed to this relationship.

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For the first time in the Athiya Shetty relationship with Kiel Rahul, the Suniel Shetty spoke post first appeared on Get India News.


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