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scrupulous! 7 tips to keep this in mind while using Facebook

Social media is used by almost everyone in the world today on Facebook. Many people also post their daily lives on Facebook. One of the reasons is that by posting on Facebook, people want to know the friend's reaction to the post. We all use Facebook is known to all of us, but what should we handle before using it? If not, it provides information on what to look out for when using Facebook.

  1. Many people on Facebook share anything without thinking. You should not do this. Before you post, you need to know what personal information you need to share with your friends, and what personal information you don't. Many people misuse such personal information.
  2. If you have a drinking habit, do not use Facebook after drinking. During this time, we often share such posts.
  3. It's often nice to have 600-700 friends on Facebook. Not all of them can be your good friends. Please note that not everyone should add themselves to their Facebook ID. Here we share personal information that everyone does not need to know.
  4. It is not necessary to disclose all the information provided to Facebook. If something is public, that's fine. But it is not right to share all the information with everyone. Also, don't share your home address, office hours, and other everyday information on Facebook.
  5. Facebook writes about the problem many times. It is not right while doing so. Don't write it wrong here because people can troll you.
  6. Personal documents such as passports, certificates, degrees, etc. should not be shared on Facebook.
  7. Update your Facebook profile regularly. It's a good idea to delete people who aren't in touch with your friends list.

Watch out for the post! 7 Tips With this information in mind when you use Facebook, it first appears in Get India News.


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