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It’s amazing to hear that Diet Doctor is changing lives around the world! Recently, Enrico from Brazil sent us an email about the progress he could make after March this year when he started the Keto diet. Here’s what he said:

Enrico’s story

After a certain moment of my life I was always higher than my ideal weight. After marriage, she gained weight and reached 110 kg (243 lbs) at 178 cm (5 & # 39; 8 inches) (March 2019). My routine has always been to go straight home from work and stop physical activity.

My food has always been high in carbohydrates and processed foods. I decided it was time for a change and the health check had all changed.

The existing diet did not work. I was always hungry!

I searched the internet until I found a ketone diet. I continued my search to find a reliable site at It’s an English site, but I translate it using Google Translate.

My life is better Today I am 85 kg (187 lbs) (September 2019) and practice street racing. My blood activity is excellent !!

I follow Diet Doctor recipes and always read blogs and news!



Thank you for sharing your Enrico story! Congratulations on all your successes. Big thanks thanks to Google Translator! Please do your best in the future.


/ Dr. Bret Scher, MD

Share your story

Do you have any success stories you would like to share on this blog? Send to (Photo thanks) [email protected] Please let me know if it’s ok to post photos and names, or if I want to remain anonymous. I would be very grateful if you would share the food you eat on a regular day such as a fast. Additional information:

Last week, I went to the car to find a surprise in the garage. Two full-size garage doors and side doors opened, but a caged bird fluttered in the window.

I could feel the panic of my poor friends. When I felt trapped, my heart beat a little as I felt desperately feeling the desperate time of life. The English Springer Spaniel began to bark him, spreading the bird’s wings. The children and I exacerbated the situation by trying to open the door.

The solution was very simple. The wide door could easily escape, but the bird fluttered around the window, confused and hopelessly found a way out …

How many of us continue to flutter and flutter to lose weight, manage diabetes or improve health? We struggle when we don’t need it. We are confused by how others “bark” us or tell us “what we should do”.

The traditional medical advice on obesity that told me to eat less and move more desperately fluttered at the window trying to find a way out of fat clothing. Instead, I failed, got sicker and more desperate and tired. Until you find the power to remove sugar and starch while eating more protein, fat and much less carbohydrates.

We put the dog home and kept it as quiet as possible, leaving both the doors and windows open. Giving birds several exits will help them stay calm and find their way out. Supporting the car in the garage probably gave him an idea, hoping that we could eventually follow our path.

The little bird disappeared when we returned home.

We checked the garage and can assume that he found a way out. How wonderful is it to find a way and save one’s life?

Panic, flutter, despair, and fatigue are not ways to live. You do not have to struggle. There is an open door for better health. You have to make some effort to figure out your way, but there are thousands of us backing up your car to show you the way. With us!

Follow Keto for five weeks with Kristie for more assistance in finding your way to better health. It guides me to the same practical information that I used to save me for 35 days. We will email you daily, provide you with a meal plan for the first two weeks to help you get started, and guide you through all the best Diet Doctor Plus member benefits.

If you are a Diet Doctor Plus member, you can also join the Diet Doctor Facebook group. This group has over 20,000 support Diet Doctor members who work together, ask questions, struggle and celebrate success all over the world every day.

The door is open. Let’s find the way out together!

Christy Sullivan


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