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MTV Splitsvilla January 10, 2020 Written Episode Update: Semi Finala Race!

Episode update created on January 10, 2020 in MTV Splitsvilla: Splitsvilla 12 Reachs Semi Final Race Every day, the exciting Split Split has nothing to entertain the audience in the way the most famous participants love the show. Attitude and always win the action.

MTV Splitsvilla 12 written update

In the last episode we saw Sambhav Baid and Soundarya Thakur being removed by all the old participants who will be shown at the last dome session of the season. It was very intense-a fight broke out between Bhavin and Bhavya, and almost every participant has a problem with Bhavya and her. Also fight back.

According to Task Uday and Bhavya, win the Task and choose Choose One Position. Do not give Ub, Bhvya, and Old participants the power to Sambhav Baid and Soundarya Thakur.

Splitsvilla Reachs Semi Stages is a fierce competition between all participants Ashish and Miesh who have now reached Semies, and now Piyush, Arshia, Aradhna, Alfez, Uday, Bhvya, Shrey, Priyamvada Kant are in Semie.

  • Semifinal challenges arising among the best acquaintances of the villa:
  • Piyush Sharma and Arshiya Vs Alfez Khaishagi and Aradhana Sharma
  • Other teams are Uday and Bhavya Vs, Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant.

Alfez Khaishagi has returned to Splitsvilla and is now back home for urgent work and working with Aradhana Sharma. It looks too low, but every audience is happy to expect how to do for their best friends, Piyush Sharma and Arshiya.

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Aaj ka surprise kahi humare contestant ko chaukane ke badle rula na de! 😂 Also do not forget to watch the # SplitsvillaX2 semifinals at @voot at @ 7pm @mtvindia today. Thank you.

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