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Maheep Kapoor Comments on Arjun Kapoor Malaika Arora Kiss Picture

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are dating each other. This work is not hidden from anyone now. The two are spending time with each other. The two also celebrated the New Year together. During this time, Malaika shared a photo on social media, kissing Arjun Kapoor. Seeing this photo of Malajun, Aunt of Arjun Kapoor left a comment that appeared on social media.

Malaika shared this photo on his Instagram account. Sharing a photo, Malaika said, “Sun, stars, lights and happiness… 2020 ’. In this photo, Arjun is taking a selfie and Malaika is kissing him. Both have amazing chemistry. Sanjay Kapoor's wife Maheep Kapoor commented on this photo. This comment is making headlines.

Maheep Kapoor created inspiring emoticons and smileys on romantic pictures of Arjun and Malaika. This opinion on Maheep is discussed a lot because of this because she is the daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family. The horse's comments on this photo can judge that both have a good bond. Malaika celebrated the new year with Arjun at Goa this time.

Maheep Kapoor Comments

In addition to this, Goa's Jashn Malaika shared more photos. In one photo, Malaika appeared with her family. In addition to Arjun Kapoor in the photo, there are many others besides Amrita Arora's sister and mother. Malaika and Arjun published their relationship on Arjun Kapoor's birthday to reveal the relationship. In this picture, Arjun and Malaika saw holding each other's hands.

Malaika recently discussed a marriage statement. Malaika Arora has reached the chat show & # 39; No Filter Neha & # 39; on Neha Dhupia. During this period, Malaika revealed about her marriage. Malika told how she wanted to get married. Malaika said about Dream Vendig – “ I am married on the beach and completely white. I want to whiten everything in my marriage. Eli Saab will wear a gown. The bridesmaid will be my girlfriend. I like the concept of bridesmaids. ‘

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