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Kushal Punjabi, the evil reason of suicide reason Arjun Bijlani

Kushal Punjabi, the evil reason of suicide reason Arjun BijlaniAfter the Kusal Punjab suicide, the TV industry was in turmoil. Kausal's close friends said they had been stressed for days. Now Kushal's best friend Arjun Bijlani's statement is amazing.

Arjun Bijlani is deeply saddened by Kushal's suicide. He said that people in the TV world can't talk about depression openly. The TV industry has a very tricky (complex and contradictory) situation.

Arjun said, “I can't talk about this issue openly because I think I will lose it every time I get a small chance. In such situations it is sometimes worse for artists. He wants to speak freely, but he can not speak. He can't believe anyone. This is a real situation. ”

The actor went on to say, “We must bring change as a society. It is necessary to know better about depression, there must be a center for this, and everyone should be sent to that center. Call this number if you are a victim of depression, are experiencing something, or have thoughts of suicide. Anyone should have a number to call and call. ”

Actress Kushal Punjab committed suicide by hanging home at night on December 26. Kushal Punjabi has appeared in more than 30 TV series and shows. He has played minor roles in nine films. In 2011, he won the Rs 50 lakh, Jor Jhaka: Total Wipeout prize at the Indian reality game show wipeout.

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Kushal Punjabi Committed Suicide Reasoned Reviled Arjun Bijlani opened the TV industry. Secrets first appeared in Get India News.


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