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Kajol was pregnant at the time of reading the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Read interesting events – Umang

Kajol was pregnant at the time of reading the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Read interesting events

Kajol and Ajay Devgan will be seen together 11 years later in the movie & # 39; Tanaji: Unsung Warrior & # 39 ;. In the movie Tanaji, you will see Kajol playing the role of Savitri Bai, Tanaji's wife. The film will be released on January 10. Kajol and Ajay are hard at promoting this film. Saif Ali Khan can also be seen in this movie. Recently, Kasol shared a painful anecdote that recalls her old days.

Kajol shared a post on Instagram. She said it became a legacy in the movie & # 39; Kabihi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Kajol said in an interview with Human on Bombay, a popular page on Instagram, “We stir 25 years ago. I am ready to shoot and ask who is my hero. Someone pointed to Ajay. & # 39;

He was sitting on the corner. Ten minutes before meeting Ajay, I did evil against him. Then I started talking about the set and became a good friend. At that time we were dating others. At that time, I complained about my boyfriend. Soon we broke up. Neither of us suggested each other.

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“We met 25 years ago on a set of highs. I was ready to shoot and asked & # 39; Where is my hero? & # 39; Someone pointed him out So 10 minutes before seeing him I bite about him! We started talking about sets and became friends. I was dating someone at that time and like him complained about that boyfriend. Before long we broke up with other important people. None of us suggested. I understood that we should be together. It went a lot further in holding hands before we knew it! We went for dinner and made countless drives – half of our relationship was in the car because he lived in Juhu & I in South Bombay! My friends warned him-he was pretty famous. But he was different from me – that's all I know. We dated for four years when we decided to get married. His parents boarded but my dad didn't tell me for 4 days. He wanted me to focus on my career but I was firm and eventually returned. There was no suggestion once again. We knew we wanted to live together. We got married at home and gave the media the wrong place. We wanted it to be today. We had a Punjab ceremony and a Marathi event! I remember Ajay tried desperately to rush pandit and even bribe during pheras! I wanted a long honeymoon. So we traveled to Sydney, Hawaii and Los Angeles. But after five weeks he spoke sickly. & # 39; baby, book me on the next flight! & # 39; Cut short and over time we planned to have children. I was pregnant during K3G, but there was a miscarriage. I was in the hospital that day and the movie went well, but it was not a happy time. After that there was another legacy. But in the end it worked well-we had Nysa & Yug and our family complete. We went through a lot of time. Ajay makes his 100th movie and makes new ones every day. Life with him is satisfactory-we are not too romantic or care for each other. If I'm thinking of something stupid, it comes out of my mouth without a filter and vice versa. Like now I think he owes a trip to Egypt! ”

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'But it was understood that we are together. After dating each other for four years, we decided to get married. Ajay's family prepared for marriage, but my father did not tell me for four days. He wanted me to focus on my job but decided to get married. We told the press the wrong wedding place.

'We wanted to be our own today. So we got married at home. I wanted a long honeymoon. So we went to Sydney, Hawaii, Los Angeles. AJ fell ah. He told me to go home now. We also had plans to go to Egypt, but we could not go there. After some time we made a plan for the children.

I was pregnant at the time of the film & # 39; Kabihi Khushi Kabhie Gham, but during that time I was wrongly charged. The cinema was doing very well but at the time it was in the hospital. After that, there was another legacy. I was very sad. Then he gave birth to Nissawa oil price. Neither of us are romantic, but take care of each other.

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Kajol was pregnant when he first appeared in Get India News during the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum reading interesting incident.



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