Jackie Shroff at the Kapil Sharma Show “Girlfriend returned home and sent her mother” – Umang

Jackie Shroff revealed at the Kapil Sharma Show.

Bollywood veteran actor Jackie Shroff's more stunning style and straightforwardness are his favorite among fans. Jackie remains on the headline separately from the movie. In this situation, Jackie is once again in the headlines, and thereby Kapil Sharma. In fact, Jackie recently appeared at the Kapil Sharma Show, revealing the story of her life.

Jackie Shroff, who arrived at The Kapil Sharma Show, talked about how he made fun of his girlfriend at school. In the story, Jackie said that she lived in Chawl, Mumbai at that time, but fell in love with a girl in a big house.

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Jackie says: “A girl came home and said she wanted to meet her mother. So I lied to not live with my mother, but live alone in PG. After that, I persuaded my mother to leave home for some time.

Jackie smiled more and said, “My mother helped me too and she left home for about 30 minutes.” But later my mother told the girl that love did not see the size and location of the house, but there was a joint family. They all live in small houses.

Jackie said that she told all this to the girl, because she believed that the mother should not lie in love. By the way, lastly talk with Salman Khan about Jackie's film career in India.

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At the same time, Jackie can be seen again in Salman Khan and in the movie Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The film will also feature Disha Patni and Randeep Hooda as the lead stars. In addition to Radhe, Mumbai Saga is also included in Jackie's list.

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Jackie Shroff first appeared in Get India News at the Kapil Sharma Show.


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