From Agastya Nanda to Adabra Kapoor, these star children live in the limelight – Umang

From Agastya Nanda to Adabra Kapoor, these starkids are in the limelight.
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From Agastya Nanda to Adabra Kapoor, these star children live in the limelight: Due to the influence of social media in Bollywood, superstar celebrities and children have gained another level of popularity. StarKids of all ages, from Taimur to Sara Ali Khan, have a different fan base, and these Star Kids have already made huge headlines before they went to Bollywood, but besides that there are also Star Kids with a lot of social media popularity. Compared to the famous children of the modern day, they live a normal life.

Ja Navi is the daughter of actress Juhi Chawla and Jai Mehta. She is not interested in movies and wants to be a writer. Ja Navi is currently studying at Chartered House, a boarding school in the UK.

The daughters Shweta of Amitabh Bachchan and son Agastya Nanda of Nikhil Nanda are not particularly active in social media. His sister Navya Naveli Nanda is quite popular on social media. Agastya graduated from New York University a few months ago. Agastya's uncle, Abhishek Bachchan, also congratulated him on social media.

La Bena Tandon's daughter, Rasha Thani, is 15 years old. Raveena has been sharing photos with her daughter on Instagram several times. Rasha is spending more time with her family out of the glare of social media.

Adera Kapoor, daughter of Karishma Kapoor, is a very many star despite being from Bollywood's famous family. She appears mainly in public with her mother Karishma or Masi Kareena Kapoor. The 15-year-old Samara has not yet given a clear opinion on Bollywood dreams.

Ida Khan, daughter of the famous director Imtiaz Ali, is very active in social media. Alia Kashyap, the daughter of Anurag Kashyap, is his good friend. She is currently studying filmmaking in the United States. She often shares posts related to her life on Instagram.

Alijeh Agnihotri, 19, is the daughter of Salman Khan's sisters Alvira and Atul Agnihotri. She is very active in social media and believes she can start her career in Bollywood soon.

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These star children, sent by Agastya Nanda to Adabra Kapoor, first appeared in Get India News.


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