Former contestant Neha Pendse unveils details of her wedding – Umang

Former contestant Neha Pendse unveils details of her wedding

Former contestant Neha Pendse unveils details of her wedding: Participant in Bigg Boss 12, Neha Pendse will begin a new chapter in his life. She married her boyfriend Shardul Singh. They will marry in Pune. Neha is very happy about marriage. In the interview, Neha talked about things related to her marriage.

In an interview with the Indian Times, Neha told me about her wedding dress. Yes, Shardul will wear a color-tuned outfit. We have a colorful theme for music. For this, I chose a very colorful lehenga choli. At the engagement I will see a green dress. Green Shardul liked this special because it has a favorite color.

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Neha also said – at my wedding I will wear a traditional Nowa sari. In general, nauvari has a bright color, and Maharashtrian clothing is also very bright. But I will do something else. I do not think there will be too many brides to wear pastel colored nabari sarees. I will wear very soft colored sari saree. At the reception, she chose a costume of Swapnil Shinde. The gown will also have a long trail. It will be very grand like reception. Neha's wedding includes family and close friends.

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Neha Pendse, a Bigg Boss Ex participant, first appeared in Get India News when he revealed details about her wedding.


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