Bigg Boss on January 12, 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan comes home from Shehnaaz Gill and eyelashes – Umang

Bigg Boss on January 12, 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan comes home from Shehnaaz Gill and eyelashes

This week, you'll be able to watch double drama on Bigg Boss. Salman Khan's mercury increased significantly between the fun and entertainment of the participants in the weekend Ka Vaar episode. For the first time on the show, Salman Khan appeared burning on Punjab's Katrina Kaif, namely Shehnaaz Gill.

Bigg Boss 13 January 12, 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar

In fact, Mahira and Shehnaz have been fighting each other on the show for the last few days. Mahira says that Shehnaaz is jealous of her and Paras friendships, and Shehnaaz says that Mahira is jealous of them.

Salman Khan did an interesting task of converting Choose between participants. Salman said that according to him, more jealous girls in Mahira and Shehnaaz should add color to her heart.

Being jealous, Shehnaaz Gill begins to cry before doing that and tells Salman Khan that I burned. Salman Khan yelled at him, yelling at him. Salman Khan said: – Don't join me in this drama.

Shenaz cried and asked Salman Khan to leave Salman. Shehnaaz Gill cried and cried. I do not want to be here. Salman Khan is angry and talks about Shanaz.

Salman Khan told Bigg Boss to open the door and get Shehnaaz out. Speaking of this, Salman Khan leaves the wrath on stage and disappears.

After Salman Khan leaves, Shannaz sits near the crying door. Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra chase Shehnaaz and take care of it.

The promotion showed that Salman Khan is coming home to Bigg Boss to chat with Shegnaaz. But Shenaz refused to talk with Salman and wept bitterly.

Siddharth Shukla persuades Shehnaaz to talk to Salman Khan, but Shehnaaz refuses to meet Salman Khan. Salman Khan is very angry at the behavior of this kind of shenas and says he doesn't have to persuade her.

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Seeing Salman get angry, Shannaz later tells Salman that I should talk to you, but Salman Khan refuses. After that, standing among the family, Salman tells Shehnaaz – Batamzi plays no role in this house. This is a two year old girl. What did four people start to know? They began to think of themselves as Katrina.

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