Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan refuses to meet Arhaan Khan after eviction.
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Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan refuses to meet Arhaan Khan after eviction.In Bigman Boss 13, Salman Khan complained about Arhaan. Salman did not speak publicly at this show, but he did see Arhaan classes at all & # 39; Weekend Kabar & # 39 ;. Even Salman told La Schimi de Sai about marriage and the child. Meanwhile, great information has come about Salman and Arhaan. Salman refused to meet Aran.

According to a report published on the Pinkvilla website, Salman refused to meet Arhaan Khan after leaving Bigco Boss. In fact, whenever someone does not participate in the show Salman visits the members. Spend time with the participants and give advice. Salman's decision was clear and he was mad at Arhaan.

Salman saw the shout at Arhaan at the show. After submitting a wildcard at the show, Arman offered Rashmi and when she accepted Salman made a big public presentation at Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman told Arhaan: “I am very interested in talking outside in the room. Tell me who is at home? Arhaan said, “Parents, brothers and sisters.” Salman then said, "Marriage and children." As Salman said, Rashmi is shocked and starts to cry in front of her.

Salaman told La Shimi as soon as Gaurav left, "whose house did you give the keys to?" As soon as Rashee said this, Salman told Rashee. & # 39; Who is at home now? & # 39; Rashmi said, “I live alone. Your house. Your brother also told me. And I heard that Arhaan family is staying at your house. When Salman asked Aran, 'No, nobody is at home.'

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Post of Big Big Boss 13 Salman Khan refused to meet Arhaan Khan after the eviction.


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