Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan doesn't get married and wants children and chases pain with Deepika Padukone.

In Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, Deepika Padukone and Vikras Massey arrived to promote the movie & # 39; Chhapak & # 39 ;. Deepika reached the stage and had a good time with Salman Khan. During this period, Deepika again asked Salman to marry. The actor also gave an interesting answer.

Acid attack survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal is also on stage. Salman talks to Lakshmi and says, 'Lakshmi inspired many people.' Salman then pointed to Deepika and said, “One Lakshmi will bring it to her house and the other Lakshmi will go through you to the production house” (Lakshmi Aggarwal).

Salman told Di Pica: “ We hope the rectangle in the movie will come to his house. Ahil will come. Only flesh will come. 'Deepika says,' Marry first. 'Salman replies.' What does the child have to do with marriage? 'Deepika says. Do not get married. Give birth to children first. ‘

After this answer to Deepika, Salman also sat quietly. “ You must be young at first. Now I'm old to play. Salman also doesn't love anyone, no one else. And add & # 39; Deepika said, “Look at the camera and say everything. & # 39 ;.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend, Salman is burning at Shahnaz this week. At the same time, he advised Sidd Das that Shenas began to love him. In such a situation, you need to be more calm.

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Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan wanted unmarried children and seized the pain with Deepika Padukone.


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