Bigg Boss 13 Mahira Sharma Slams Madhurima Tuli With Comment On Her Lips

Hindustani Bhau was the first person to call Mahira Sharma a lizard with big lips. From then on, Mahira began to tease under the name Big Lips. In the last episode, Madhurima Tuli told Mahira that she would call her by writing a girl with big lips. Mahira was stimulated by this.

In response to Madhurima, Mahira did not have as many participants as my lips this season. The actress laughed and said Madhurima. I will remember Madhurima. Salman also talked about this. There was a problem with this. Your words are wrong. Before you comment on my lips, go and look in the mirror.

There was a lot of confusion between Mahira and Madhurima. Shortly after this topic, there was a fierce fight between Shehnaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. All this debate took place in kitchen utensils. Shehnaz performed Mahira-Paras Asim, which does not clean utensils. Shehnaz ordered them to wash the dishes. This stimulated Paras-Mahira.

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Both told Shehnaz that when we had to wash we were not your father's servants. We will do the dishes. Shehnaz had a discussion with Mahira-Paras. Due to the cancellation of the captain's mission, Bigg Boss punished Aseem, Paras, Mahira to do housework until the next captain.

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Bigg Boss 13 Mahira Sharma Slams Madhurima Tuli first appeared in Get India News when she commented on her lips.


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