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Bigg Boss 13 January 3, 2020 Episode Update: Jyotish Prem Reveals Shocking Things

Bigg Boss 13 January 3, 2020 Episode Update: & # 39; Bigg Boss 13 & # 39; What did the New Year bring for the family? Astrology will go into the house to announce this. The name of this astrology is Prem. Prem astrologers come home and talk about the personal life of the family. Astrologers are alternately talking with their families. During this period, Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai said that housemates were surprised to know.

Bigg Boss 13 Live Update

  • Paras Chhabra and Siddharth Shukla are talking about Shehnaz and Mahira in the captain's room. Both are demanding that she be jealous of Mahira.
  • Paras is explaining to Shehnaz that she should be friends with Mahira. It also says that all four should be at home like friends.
  • There is a fight again between Asim and Mahira to make the bread. Mahira says you should avoid eating Asim.
  • Mahira gets angry at Paras and moves to the bathroom. She's throwing things in both bathrooms. After that, the family is fighting in the kitchen.
  • There is a fight between Asim, Shefali Bagga and Paras Chhabra for bread. Vishal came in the middle of the battle.
  • In the bathroom there is a fight between Mahira Sharma and Paras. Mahira beat Paras during this battle. After hitting and eating, Paras informs Mahira of a good deal and leaves.
  • Mahira beats Paras. Farah persuaded him after being angry with Mahira.
  • Shehnaz told Paras that Siddharth was in a bad mood when talking to others. Siddharth is offended by Shehnaz after offended by this.
  • Beginning of a new day without a song to stop the empty yellowing. The whole family danced.
  • Vishal Aditya Singh brought his show with the latest news in the morning. He is sharing the latest news with Rashmi Desai, Madhurima and Asim.
  • Farah comes first. The astrology teacher tells them, “A big change will come to your relationship & # 39; & # 39 ;. And Mahira comes. Mahira says, 'There is a big ending since March. Keep your mindset. Decide on your own You have always been emotional.
  • Astrology told Mahira that you will soon get a big name. You are emotional and always need some support. Now learn to live without support.
  • Astrology told Rashmi Desai that the coming 16 years would be very good. You always had a problem with your relationship. Any kind of dedication can bother you.
  • The astrology teacher tells Aarti, 'Your life will change. Marriage is total. Do not confuse yourself then. This year is important to you. Otherwise it will be delayed again. Then Shahnaz comes. Jyotish Prem speaks to Shahnaz. Focus on it. Start your own decision. Think more about yourself.
  • After Shahnaz, astrological love talks about the future of Rashmi Desai. He tells Rashmi: 'You always had to struggle in a relationship. Do not affect the relationship in your career. Any kind of commitment to the relationship can bother you more. After Rashmi, astrology specialists tell you about Siddharth Shukla.
  • There will be big changes in Asim's career. He will soon get a good job.
  • Astrology advised Siddharth Shukla to always win relationships and trust. Siddharth is recommended to relax and meditate.
  • Shahnaz's captivity is over at the Bigg Boss house. Now the family will mutually agree whether Madhurima can be the captain.
  • Rashmi Desai, Shefali Bagga, Asim and Vishal want Madhurima to be claimed. At the same time, Paras, Mahira, Siddharth Shukla, Aarti Singh, Shefali Jariwala and Shahnaz do not want Madhurima to be claimed.
  • Paras told Madura Lima that you are not a good conductor. Therefore you do not deserve to be a captain. She is also not the claim of the claim, because the family does not agree to be Madhurima's claim. This makes the Bigg Boss home without a captain this week.

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