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Bigg Boss 13 January 17, 2019 written update ‒ sidharth Shukla console Rashami Desai
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Bigg Boss 13 January 17, 2019 written update ‒ sidharth Shukla console Rashami Desai: Family Round kicks off this week at Bigg Boss 13. All members of the participant's home will come to see the family. To date, the families of Aarti Singh, Shefali Jariwala, Mahira Sharma and Shahnaz Gill have arrived. Now the family of Siddharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra, Rashmi Desai and Asim Riaz will come. A promotion recently appeared.

In this promotion I was able to see what the audience was eager for. In fact, Siddharth's mother came home. Siddhartha first introduced him to Rashmi. Siddharth says it's Rashmi and she keeps testing my drinking. Then Rashee says, “I take care of you. Take care of me. ”They all start laughing.

After Siddharth's mother left, Rashmi cried emotionally and bitterly. This Siddhartha went to him and was silent. Lashmi's neck is attached to the noose. So she can't do anything Then Siddhartha supplies water by hand. Looking at both of these is emotional.

These will be shown in today's episode. His nephew and nephew will come out of Lashmi's house. He will ask why Rashmi asks friendship with Siddhartha bhai. After that, these young children gain the friendship of two people. At the same time, both will ask for a hug. In the promotion, Siddharth and Paras also saw playing with the children.

Paras Chhabra's mother will come home. At the same time, Asim Riyaz's brother enters the house. Asim will ask his brother about Himmansi. Asim was told at home that Hisman was married. He was very unhappy because of this. Asim will tell his brother that everything I have heard is wrong.

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Post Bigg Boss 13 January 17, 2020 Written update ‒ Sidharth Shukla Console Rashami Desai first appeared in Get India News when she cried.


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