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Bigg Boss 13 January 17, 2020 Written Episode Update: Sidddarth Shukla Mother Meet Him!
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Bigg Boss 13 January 17, 2020 Episode Update: Siddarth Shukla Mother Meets Him!: This week, my family meets this week, so after four months of long battles, I am very impressed with the Big Boss 13 participants. So far, Aarti's brother Krishna Abhishek, the mother of Mahira Sharma, the husband Paraf Tyagi of Shefali Jariwala, and the brother Umar Riaz of Asim Riaz have come as guests.

Now the mother of Siddharth Shukla, the mother of Paras, the nephew of Rashmi and the father of Shehnaaz will come home. Seeing Rashmi Desai's nephew and nephew coming home, Rashmi is very emotional. In addition to them, Farah's mother can come home today.

Farah's mother is entering the house, and Faras looks emotional. You can see she applies her class. Farah's mother appeared to apply her lessons to kiss Mahira. Not only that, she also advises you to stay away from Mahira. Paras' mother says, "Stop here as a godfather." Previously I played well but now it comes down but now I can't see anywhere The mother's gesture is clearly directed towards Mahira. In addition to this, Para's mother will come to them with '36.

Earlier, Mahira warned Paras not to kiss his daughter. Mahira's mother, who came as a guest on the show, told Paras that her girlfriend was very nice and lovely. Mahira is his friend, but you should not kiss her.

The game is getting tougher as Bigg Boss 13 is heading for the last stop. At the beginning of the show, the competition between Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai was much debated. At the same time, all the landlords of the participants came to see them in the ongoing family round. Where Siddharth's mother came to see him at home. At the same time it was reported that Rashmi Desai's mother would come to see him, but that did not happen. Rashmi came to meet her nephew and nephew at home. At the same time, both did their best to end the long-term competition between Rashmi and Siddharth. Meanwhile, video is becoming more and more popular in social media.

In the family round, the mother or others did not come from the participant Rashmi Desai's house. But his nephew and nephew suddenly came home to surprise him. Rashmi saw his nephew and nephew very happy to start hugging and crying. Rashmi hugs two people very tightly. In addition to Rashmi, the two children had a lot of fun, having fun with all the participants in the house. The best part is that the two children have established friendship between Rashmi and Siddharth.

“ Why did you two break up? Let's be friends again. 'On the other hand, after seeing all this, everyone in the house became happy and emotional. Also, when all the family comes, Rashmi turns emotional, and Siddharth takes care of them. Siddharth says what happened after Rashmi was crying and all parents came. Siddharth supports Rashmi and supplies water.

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