Bigg Boss 13 January 1 Episode Record Update ‒ Rashami Desai Niece created her friendship with Sidharth Shukla
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Bigg Boss 13 January 1 Episode Record Update ‒ Rashami Desai Niece created her friendship with Sidharth ShuklaThis week, every participant will meet their family at Bigg Boss 13. To date, the families of Aarti Singh, Shefali Jariwala, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaz Gill have arrived. Now the Siddharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra, Rashmi Desai and Asim Riaz families will come. A promotion recently appeared.

It showed Rashmi Desai's nephew and nephew came to see him. Rashmi starts to cry after seeing them. Rashmi's nephew tells us why he became friends with Siddhartha bhai. After that, the two children take out Lashmi and call Siddhart.

He tells Siddharth that we both want to be friends. This Rashmi and Siddharth hold hands with each other. After that, the children said they should embrace both. Then the two meet. Every family is very happy to see this. After that, Siddharth also saw playing with two children.

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On the other hand, Chhabra Para also saw picking Lashmi's nephew and nephew from the knee. How long the friendship between Rashmi and Siddharth lasts remains. Let her know that Shehnaz's father and Mahira Sharma's mother have come home early.

Both took Paras Chhabra classes. Mahira's mother reminds Paras that she has a girlfriend outside and Mahira is just his friend. Along with this he said that Mahira should not do much because he does not look good. At the same time, Shehnaz's father rebuked Paras and said there was a fight between Mahira and Shehnaz because of you.

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Post Bigg Boss January 17 Episode Writing Update ‒ Rashami Desai Niece created the friendship Sidharth Shukla and she first appeared in Get India News.


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