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Ajay Devgn & # 39; Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior & # 39; filmmaker reveals all the secrets behind the screen

Tanagi: The secret behind the first work of the Unsung Warrior franchise, “ Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior & # 39; & # 39 ;, was all made by Hindi Cinema Megastar Ajay Devgan. In addition to the film director Amar Raut, the director of the visual effects of the film and the action director of the film shared interesting memories of the shooting. The film Tanaj director Om Raut says: I immediately decided to play this movie. I grew up in a Marathi family. Tanaji Malusare is one of the greatest warriors in the kingdom of Chhapatipati Shivaji Maharaj. The war scenes in the film were produced by Ramazan, a German action director. Working with him was a great experience.

Action director Ramadan from Germany for the film described his challenge and said, "The biggest challenge was to devise a method of war against Mogul and Tanaj and their history is similar." And Marathas. To do this, we captured the nuances of Maratha and Mughal culture along with the fencing method.

To get Kondhan's fortress, Tanaji climbed the fortress in the Sandhan Valley. Visual effects director Prasad Sutar explains the Sandhan Valley and says: “Sandhan is a very large valley. It was very difficult to provide a small size as a set. I couldn't show this 300 foot valley in the theater, so I used visual effects. We made a mountain and a small wall with the help of VFX. ‘

Prasad adds: “I have never used such massive visual effects. The preproduction of this film took almost three years. Visual effects have a big hand to tell such a story. In this film we poured many of our old plans. Throughout the movie, 2500 photos were taken in 3D, which is almost the same as the photos in the whole movie.

“When we decided to make this film, we decided to make it in 3D. About 1000 people from all over the world have made their films to succeed in film making and have used special effects and 3D technology to activate the movie scenes. ‘

The master stroke for the movie's special effects is started by Ajay Devgan. "When viewers watch this movie, they will understand the magnificence of this movie," he says. It created an effect on the screen when Hollywood filmmakers spent 100 crores, which can be made by spending 2,000 rupees rupees. We are proud of our technical team who have done this through Indian technology. “Ajay Devgan smiles at this amazing comparison compared to Mission Mars, and ISRO scientists love other missions around the world. We did what our master did at Tanaj at low cost.

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Ajay Devgn's The Unsung Warrior filmmaker revealed all the secrets behind the screen.


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