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You Collect What?: 10 Celebrities With The Most Bizarre Collections

We all have that thing that we simply have to have. For some, it starts with a simple element and that is good enough. For others, an element becomes a collection of elements, regardless of how ridiculous or strange it may seem. Celebrities are not immune to this; In any case, their personal collections are more interesting than those of the average person because they tend to have more disposable income.

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Each of its collections also tends to have an interesting story attached, which makes it even more valuable. You may be surprised to know some of these celebrity cures, many of which are frankly strange.

10 Demi Moore – Dolls

The doll collection days of actress Demi Moore began with her ex-husband Bruce Willis. He reportedly gave him a vintage porcelain doll with realistic features, even human hair on his head!

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Since that fateful gift, his collection has grown to include thousands of dolls. In fact, many of them had to be moved to their guest house because they ran out of space to store their precious collection. Dozens of dolls were also kept in his room, which put a little strain on his relationship with Ashton Kutcher, who found his collection a bit creepy. Speaking of which, he is insured for $ 2 million.

9 9 Jay-Z – Watches

Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but his exclusive watch collection is not one! He currently owns the most expensive watch in the world, the Hublot Big Bang. It was bought for him as a birthday present for nothing less than his wife, Beyonce. His love for good wristwear is evident in many of his songs, where brands fall into the lyrics.

The rest of his collection is not only unique in its value, but in the variety of customizations that Jay-Z has made. Many of its pieces are unique, they are not found anywhere else in the market.

8 Penelope Cruz – Hangers

Okay, this one is quite unique. It makes sense in some way; Penelope Cruz is an elegant actress who probably owns a lot of elegant clothes, most of which probably came in a variety of hangers. What is a bit unexpected is that its collection includes 500 different types of non-metallic hangers. That does not mean that you only have 500 in total, that is just the number of non-plastic varieties.

That's quite amazing, considering that a hanger can only be molded and designed in many ways before it simply isn't functional. There must also be some elegant there; gold plated maybe?

7 7 Ben Stiller – Star Trek All

A self-proclaimed Trekkie from start to finish, Ben Stiller has a collection of Star trek memories that would rival a museum collection. While it is not known exactly how much is in his treasure, it is confirmed that he has at least two pairs of original Spock ears, one of which was sent to him by Leonard Nimoy himself.

His love for Star trek It is not limited to Dr. Spock, since his collection also includes a full Gorn mask in which he recently spent $ 27,500 at auction. It was even rumored that he had the 8-foot Enterprise model used in filming. While this was inaccurate, Stiller is definitely a Trekkie.

6 6 Rosie O & # 39; Donnell – Happy Meal Toys

Most of us can remember the joy of opening a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and Rosie O & # 39; Donnell turned this occasional joy into a collection. He began collecting Happy Meal toys when he was on tour as a comedian in the mid-80s.

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Since then, she has collected more than 2,500 of the toys. It seems a harmless enough hobby, but Rosie's collection of toys caused some controversy among paying parents when the chain sent new toys directly when they left. A particular case was when they sent him the entire collection of 101 Dalmatian toys at once, the 101!

5 5 Whoopi Goldberg – Shoes

Who doesn't like a good pair of shoes? Whoopi Goldberg certainly does, and his collection contains some really unique soles. From Barbie doll heads locked in a transparent stiletto heel to porcelain heels, Goldberg is clearly not afraid to follow the line when it comes to shoe fashion.

His collection is nothing short of exclusive and includes hand-painted pairs as well. The photos of their social networks reveal what a complete closet of shoes looks like on the shelves! Although we don't know exactly how big your collection is, we can only assume that it is because it is constantly growing.

4 4 Quentin Tarantino – Board games

Being a renowned director, it makes sense that Quentin Tarantino collects something related to the film. A large part of his collection of memories are board games related to movies, which some may find surprising given their extensive wealth. Tarantino cited practicality as his reason for choosing to collect board games, stating that lunch boxes were too expensive when he started collecting, and that nothing really can be done with dolls.

Then, he decided to collect board games with movie themes, including a board game with the theme of Mr. T from Milton Bradley. His favorite pieces are those based on classic shows with which he grew up, which adds to the uniqueness of his collection.

3 Amanda Seyfried – Taxidermy

This may be the most surprising (and possibly disturbing) combination so far. Angel-faced actress Amanda Seyfried collects taxidermy animals. Yes, it is true: dead animals, preserved, dissected and in pose. In his eyes, taxidermy is a work of art when done correctly, and states that many taxidermy animals adorn their walls at home.

He may also have mentioned that while he loves animals, the dead are much easier to care for than the living. His extensive collection includes an owl and a miniature horse, which he called Antoine. In a recent interview, he expressed his intentions to expand his owl collection so he could have a full parliament.

two Claudia Schiffer – Insects

The supermodel Claudia Schiffer can have all eyes on her on the track, but she keeps an amazing secret: she collects insects and keeps many of them in exhibits around her house. He began his collection at a very early age with spiders, but his collection has expanded from arachnids to include all kinds of insects and butterflies.

There are some on display that are not even complete errors, but collages made of error parts. A particular piece is a centerpiece made of the bodies of several insects and sits on the coffee table in your living room. Definitely a good conversation starter!

1 Rod Stewart – Model Trains

Rod Stewart has a collection that has him in good company: he is passionate about collecting model trains. It certainly shows, as he recently revealed his 124 by 23 foot masterpiece set in the mid-twentieth-century America. What makes his collection especially unique is that many of the pieces were hand built by Rod himself.

While creating the masterpiece, he even toured with him, requiring a hotel room to ensure adequate climate control. It may seem high maintenance, but Stewart has called his hobby supreme relaxation, particularly enjoying the attention to detail and creativity that the hobby requires.

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