World Press Photo Contest 2020 for Professional Visual Journalists

Deadline: January 14, 2020

The app for the World Press Photo Contest 2020 is open for professional visual journalists. The World Press Photo Contest rewards photographers with the best single exposure photography that has contributed to visual journalism over the past year. Whether entered as singles or stories, these photos are judged to be accurate, fair and visually appealing insights into the world.

The World Press Photo Contest recognizes the best visual journalism and wins visual stories in eight categories.

  • Current issue
  • Environment
  • General news
  • Long term project
  • nature
  • portrait
  • sports
  • Spot news


  • Winners of the World Press Photo of the Year and World Press Photo Story of the Year awards each receive € 10,000. This means that all contest winners will share a total of € 130,000 or more in total.
  • All candidates are invited to Amsterdam every April to receive awards at the annual awards ceremony. The event takes place just before the World Press Photo Festival and is an event where winners are invited, including presentations, screenings, workshops and meetups.
  • Winner photos consist of exhibitions traveling around 45 countries and are seen by more than 4 million people every year. Award-winning drawings are published annually and are available in several languages.


  • Open to professional photographers. All participants must provide a valid document proving their current job status. Examples of documents that are considered proof include:
    • A recent reference letter from a photo agency, photo editor, media organization or publisher (must be 2018 or 2019); or
    • Member documents of the recognized photographic association, showing that the photographer is a professional member; or
    • At least one tear sheet showing photos in an online or printed format of a recognized media organization or publication whose name appears to be credit in 2019 or 2018;
    • Journalism Union Member Card; or
    • Press card.
  • Teams of two or more photographers are allowed. You must provide professional credentials for each team member.
  • The photographer must be the author of the photo submitted in his name.
  • The photographer or agent or agent must be the copyright holder who can submit the photo or one approved by the copyright holder.
  • A picture can only be entered once as part of a single picture or story, or as part of a task in a long-term project. Photos submitted more than once will be removed from the contest.
  • You can submit your photos with or without them.

Photo specification

Photos must meet the following specifications:

  • If you haven’t cropped, upload the image in its original pixel size. Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
  • The IICC profile must be included. AdobeRGB, sRGB or Grayscale Gamma 2.2 is recommended. There is no CMYK.
  • I need to upload in JPEG format with high quality compression. They use winning images for high quality reproduction.


The deadline for requesting a username and password on the participating website is 12 noon (noon) Central European Time on January 9, 2020. The deadline for submitting entries to the 2020 Contest is noon on January 14, 2020 (CST).

Click here to enter

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For more information visit: World Press Photo Contest.



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