When Betting On Yourself Goes Wrong – Terrelle Pryor’s Rough Season In Washington

Terrelle Pryor last played in the NFL in 2018, although he recently appeared in the headlines after being stabbed in his apartment. Pryor, who was accused of assault due to the incident, reportedly appears to be recovering from his injuries. But he may also never play again in the NFL.

Pryor had one of the most colorful races of the last decade. The former Ohio State quarterback entered the league with a five-game suspension after selling souvenirs while still in college. He played in moderation for his first two seasons before being named the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in 2013. He was left unconscious for the rest of the year, and recovered from several different squads in 2014 and 2015.

After the Bengals, his third team in two seasons, with zero strokes played, released him, Pryor announced that he would be open to play as an open catcher. The Browns gave it a chance, and after a capture in 2015, it exploded in 2016.

Pryor played in the 16 games for the Browns, finishing with 77 catches, 1,007 yards and four touchdowns. Those are solid numbers for any receiver. Pryor finished 27th in catches and 22nd in yards, ahead of more established receivers like DeSean Jackson, Davante Adams and Adam Thielen.

Remember, Pryor had only become an open receiver two seasons before. If I were placing numbers like that with only a couple of years in the job, what could I achieve a few years later?

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If you asked Pryor that question, I would tell you that he still has a lot of production left. And he bet himself, rejecting multiple offers, including a Browns deal that is reportedly worth more than $ 30 million in four years.

Instead, Pryor signed with the Washington Redskins, signing a one-year, $ 6 million contract in hopes of signing a $ 60 million contract in the following offseason. Unfortunately, that big problem never came.

With Washington, Pryor's average numbers didn't fall too much. He still caught just over half of his passes (55 percent in 2016 to 54.1 percent in 2017) and averaged 6.49 yards per goal compared to 7.19 yards per goal the previous year. The big problem? The offense around him was too good.

When Pryor was in Cleveland, the team went 1-15, with Pryor serving as the team's best option on the offense. Meanwhile, Washington had several weapons, including Jamison Crowder, Vernon Davis and Josh Doctson. Pryor, who had 140 goals in 2016, only had 37 goals in nine games with Washington. In the middle of the season, he underwent surgery for an ankle injury and lost the rest of the year.

Pryor had an even worse 2018, spending time in both the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. He totaled only 16 catches and was released by both teams mid-season. He hasn't played in the NFL since then.

In total, he got about a third of what the Browns offered him in 2017. It is possible that Pryor, 31, will play again after recovering from his injuries. But it seems you will never get that great payday.

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