What Star Wars fans need to remember about Jedi: Fallen Order’s story

Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order It is an expansive adventure of jumping galaxies. You play as Cal Kestis and jump from planet to planet fighting stormtroopers, killing local wildlife and solving riddles in giant graves. But what might not be so clear to you is why exactly you are doing some of this. Fallen orderThe story is full of proper nouns and details of the Star Wars universe, and if you spend too much time exploring a planet, you could overlook its narrative purpose in the wide range of the series.

To help you discover exactly what is happening, we have connected the points at some key moments, without spoiling any of the biggest revelations of the game in the process.

[[[[Ed. Note: This post contains small spoilers of Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order.]

What is a Zeffo?

Zeffo is two things at once: the name of a planet that Cal visits during Jedi: fallen order and the race of the original beings of that planet. A new race to the Star Wars universe, Zeffo is an ancient town that was very much in tune with the Force. Its reach spread throughout the galaxy, but the most phenomenal examples of its power existed on its own planet, where Cal finds graves designed by the ancient race. These graves have strength puzzles, designed as tests for anyone who enters.

Why does Cal have to go to those graves?

Because Eno Cordova, Cere's Jedi Master, was obsessed with the Zeffo and used his graves to hide certain pieces of a key. Cordoba hid these pieces as best he could because he wanted to make sure that only a true Jedi could reach them. And what better tests to use than those designed by Zeffo? All these tests and tests finally lead to a key that opens a Vault on the planet Bagano, where Cordoba hid an important Jedi Holocron.

What exactly is a Jedi holocron?

A holocron is a device used to store information, usually very private or secret information. There are Jedi holocron and Sith holocron. The only way to access a Jedi Holocron is by using the Force, which opens the device and allows you to reveal your information: the Sith Holocron requires that the dark side of the Force be opened, which makes them a little safer. Holochrons can store an incredible amount of information, but it might be easier to think of them as something like a password-protected USB drive, but for Force users.

an ominous figure with a black mask and imperial uniform looks left in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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What exactly is there in the hidden Holocron of Córdoba?

This particular holocron contains the identities of many children and young people sensitive to force throughout the galaxy. It seems that Cordova's idea was to use this list as a contingency plan in case something happened to the Jedi. Then, in a world after Order 66, this list represents an opportunity to restore the Jedi Order to its former glory. But the existence of the list, which I assume is only updated automatically with all new Force users. – It is dangerous because if Darth Vader and his Jedi Inquisitors have him in their hands, they will have a list of possible threats they can hunt before they become a real problem. Because it is both an asset and a threat to the safety of the beings on the list, Cal and Cere are behind the Holocron.

Extra question: What does Taron Malicos have to do with all this?

Nothing really. Malicos is a former Jedi who took over Dathomir after the fall of the Republic. Although it prevents Cal from accessing the Kujet Tomb on the planet, it does not appear that he has any desire for the Holocron, nor any real conscience of Zeffo and his various graves.

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