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Warning! IPhone is looking for the most hacker

IPhone is looking for the most hacker: There have been a lot of data leaks and smartphone hacks this year. We recently uncovered whatsapp hacks that are considered the most secure instant messaging apps. Recently, this instant messaging app was hacked by a third-party bug that affected 1,400 people worldwide. Researchers in the UK have recently revealed that iPhone users can be targeted by 167 times more hackers than other smartphone users. This means that hackers may be more interested in hacking iPhone than other smartphones.

Compare iPhone Hacker and Other Smartphones

In fact, researchers at case24.com, based in the UK (UK), gathered this information by collecting data based on monthly Google search volume. Researchers have figured out how hackers are targeting smartphones and other apps of various brands. Researchers found that UK hackers target 10,040 iPhone users, many times more than Samsung's smartphones in the Android operating system. The hacker only targeted 700 Samsung users, which is the second.

At the same time, hackers targeted smartphone brands like LG, Nokia and Sony to be less than these two smartphones. This smartphone has been tagged with less than 100 times. A total of 12,310 people in the UK surveyed the company's survey to find out how they can hack Instagram accounts. At the same time, users searched for ways to hack Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc. In August 2019, Apple released a new patch for iPhone users, which made the iPhone more secure.

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Post warned! iPhone is most often used in hacker searches. Comparing with other smartphone brands, it first appeared in Get India News.


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