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US/ICOMOS International Exchange Internship Program 2020

Deadline: January 3, 2020

Support for the US / ICOMOS International Exchange Internship Program 2020 has been opened. The internship period is around 12 weeks (including orientation and final program) and is planned mainly during the summer months (June to August).

US / ICOMOS will host all US and international interns for program orientation in Washington, DC early in the summer. The interns are then distributed to various host locations to complete preservation-related projects designed by the host organization. At the end of the summer, all interns reunite for a final briefing and farewell program in Washington, DC.

Intern Responsibilities

Interns are selected competitively and must be professional in their behavior and work ethics. Each US / ICOMOS intern agrees to the following:

  • Get a visa if necessary.
  • Maintain valid medical insurance if necessary.
  • Work 5 days a week, keep your regular staff time and participate in employee activities.
  • Complete the assigned project during your internship.
  • Discuss issues with the host organization supervisor and contact US / ICOMOS if this is not possible.
  • Learn as much as possible about the host country’s conservation skills, philosophy and local culture.
  • Complete two assessments of the program and one assessment at the end of the program.
  • Prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation and companion presentation board with project presentation materials to be delivered at the final symposium.


  • US / ICOMOS funds all internships from various sources. The salary provided to the intern is intended to cover basic living expenses (food and housing) during the internship. US / ICOMOS applies to housing costs during the orientation and final program in Washington, DC.
  • In some cases, US interns traveling abroad may be given a travel subsidy, but interns coming from abroad to the United States must provide their own round trip unless otherwise specified.
  • However, the precise payment and coverage of travel expenses depends on a variety of factors, including the level of donations, whether the host agency offers free or reduced housing, and the relative cost of living at an internship location.
  • In all cases, interns are strongly advised to have enough personal funds to cover entertainment and other expenses. Intern benefits are considered reimbursement for living expenses and are therefore not taxable income because they are not salaries or wages.


  • At a minimum, applicants must earn a bachelor’s degree in conservation-related areas, such as architecture, landscaping or architectural preservation, with curriculum and / or conservation experience.
  • There is no age limit, but this program is designed for those who have worked professionally for the end of the postgraduate program (usually second year students) or 1-3 years. Due to the popularity of the program, there are no exceptions to this limitation.

Selection criteria

  • Interns are chosen based on proven skills, commitment to historic preservation, previous experience in the field and academic concentration, and the ability to represent the country in exchange programs. The important thing is to choose an intern whose skills, training, interests and previous experience match the needs of the host organization. Therefore, not all qualified intern applicants are recommended for the program because there are always more qualified applicants than internships, and some applicants’ qualifications may not match the needs of the host organization in a given year.


Candidates are required to submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, a 500-word essay explaining why they want to participate in the program, and their work case.

All applications will be reviewed by volunteer expert judges who recommend intern selection and placement. Referral internship applications will be forwarded to each host organization for review and approval. Only after the host organization has approved the internship will the applicant be informed of the internship assigned to him. For more information visit: United States / ICOMOS.


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