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The police chief's daughter who called Starbucks for the "pig" label says he's a racist

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Recently, we reported that the Oklahoma police chief was angry after a Starbucks employee labeled a "pig" drink. The barista was later fired after the Cup virus image was infected with the virus on social media.

One woman who claims to be a foolish daughter says Zhang is a racist and "absolute pig."

Johnny O Mara's daughter went to Twitter to call him out.

"I want to say he's absolutely a pig. I want to thank Starbucks' brave men and women." Posted by @MissOMara wrote.

“My father was zero for the record [sic] Businessman is a police officer. When I was young he was shamelessly racist. I said I will never repeat. He treats women like dogs, including his daughter. Honey. "

She later added that her alienated father hopes to see her tweets. A few hours later she posted an update.

"Update: He saw it and someone called my mom," said "lmao he was angry," told him to drop him off.

The principal did not respond to comments on the charges.

Starbucks apologized but

"The Starbucks partner who wrote this unpleasant statement in one cup was not good judgment and no longer partnered because of company policy violations."

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