Ryan Reynolds Is Now Pitchman For Mint Mobile, As Well As Part Owner

Actor Ryan Reynolds has appeared in ads for his own brand Aviation Gin, as well as for the mobile smartphone game Toon blast, and now also has a partial participation in the "virtual" wireless operator Mint Mobile. And this particular concert entails more responsibilities than simply serving as a celebrity spokesperson for the company, as a partial ownership stake in the brand has also been taken.

That is according to a recent press release announcing the dead Pool and Buried Star's affiliation with Mint. The precise financial details of that partnership have not been disclosed, but the company says that, as co-owner, Reynolds "will help with Mint's communication and marketing efforts, as well as with strategic decision making."

Mint CEO David Glickman is quoted in the press release, and seems excited about his new business relationship with Reynolds:

"The consumer-centric approach and Mint Mobile's manic approach to generating value for the consumer has led Mint to hyper-growth mode … It is appropriate that the most disruptive wireless company is now owned by the most innovative seller on the planet."

Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Reynolds himself is also quoted in the press release:

"It's a bit unconventional, that's why I like it … Celebrities generally invest in high-end products like skin care brands or delicious gin companies. However, Mint is making wireless technology more affordable in a time when the average American pays $ 65 a month. " I am excited to defend a more practical approach to the most essential technology. "

That reference to "delicious gin companies" clearly alludes to Reynolds' own Aviation Gin, his own gin brand for which he also appears in advertising. As for Mint, he can probably expect to see Reynolds supporting the brand in various capacities in the very near future if he has not already done so, in addition to the work he will do behind the scenes.

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