Nawaz reaches UK for treatment

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif left for London yesterday morning as a Qatar Airways ambulance.

The Airbus A-319-133LR / A7-MED stayed in Doha for a while to refuel and replace aviation and medical staff, then departed for London and landed at Heathrow airport Tuesday night.

Opposition leaders of National Assembly Shebahz Sharif and Dr. Adnan Khan accompanied the former -PM in an advanced aviation ambulance equipped with a full-featured staff intensive care unit (ICU) and an operating room (OT). The team of doctors and paramedics was led by the Intensifier. Doctors also performed a blood test of the entire PM before departure.

PML-N leaders and workers gave their leaders a warm welcome as soon as they left the vehicle carrier from Jati Umra or arrived at the Hajj Terminal, which was waiting for a flight to London via Doha, Qatar. PML-N leaders, including Secretary of State Asan Iqbal, former Defense Minister and Foreign Minister Kawaza Muhammad Asif, sent money to the former -PM at Haz terminal.

Earlier this month, former PM's mother Shamim Akhtar and daughter Maryam Nawaz said goodbye at Jati Umra's dormitory where they transferred their passports to secure jewelry in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case.

Party workers showered rose petals in Nawaz Sharif's vehicle and shouted slogans for the best leader. After the air ambulance took off from Hajj Terminal, party members prayed for Nawaz Sharif's safe journey, early recovery and long life.

Pre-PM diagnosed with an immune system disorder is examined by a doctor at the Harley Street Clinic in central London. After a detailed examination, the US (Boston Advance) will be taken to Boston, USA for further diagnosis and treatment.

Nawaz, despite treatment, continues to deteriorate his condition, so doctors recommend going abroad. On October 21, the former (PM) rushed to the Services Hospital from the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) regional headquarters under investigation in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case after a doctor issued an alert for a sharp decrease in platelet count. After being treated at a service hospital for 17 days, Nawaz was discharged and moved to the High Dependency Unit (HDU), which was installed in the Jati Umra dormitory on November 6th.

Prof. Mehmood Ayyaz, a special medical committee led by the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, was assisted by Karachi Dr Tahir Shamsi's medical school and a vice-president panel of known hematologists. Nawaz's medical condition witnessed an increase and decrease during his stay in the service hospital due to fluctuations in platelet count, high blood pressure, sugar and kidney-related complications. High steroid doses helped increase platelet count, but at the same time caused other complications such as blood pressure and sugar.

With his condition unstable, SMB recommended treatment of ex-PM abroad. ex-PM has already been rescued, but he could not travel abroad because of his name on the state of health and exit control lists. The federal government allowed the former -PM to go abroad with a fifty-five billion rupee indemnity bond filed. Shevaz Sharif filed a petition with the Lahore High Court to later allow me and Jaz Sharif to submit a statement, not an immunity bond, to go abroad. Last Monday, the Ministry of Interior issued a notice informing them of how they could leave the former -PM to the UK under a court order.




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