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Indian Junior Women's Hockey Team Defeat Australia in Final but Become Champion
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The Indian Junior Women's hockey team won the three-nation hockey tournament on the point table despite their first defeat of 1-2 tournaments with Australia held in Canberra on Sunday. India scored seven points in four matches. Host Australia also scored seven points in four matches, but the Indian team was ranked first because of better goal differences.

In the final match, Gagandeep Kaur scored India's only goal. Earlier, Australia took the lead in 15 minutes thanks to Abigail Wilson's goal. Abigail then scored another goal in the 56th minute, leading Australia to 2-1.

The Indian team put constant pressure on hosts in the first quarter. India got a chance in the first 15 minutes, but the team was not able to take advantage of it. Australia scored a penalty corner in their first game in 15 minutes, and Abigail went 1-0 ahead. India tried equality in the second quarter, but the visiting team did not penetrate Australia's defense.

India won two penalty corners at 22 and 26, but the team could not switch to the goal. Two minutes later Australia was able to double the lead in a penalty kick, but Indian goalkeeper Beechu Devi Carry Bam made a great defense to prevent India from losing 0-2. In the third quarter, neither team could switch the penalty corner.

India put pressure on Australia in the fourth quarter. The team came in favor of a penalty corner after 53 minutes. Then Gagandeep scored the goal by hitting Australian goalkeeper Hanah Astbury and making India 1-1. However, India has not celebrated this goal for a long time, and after three minutes Abigail scored another goal in the penalty corner, leading Australia 2-1. India made every effort to achieve parity at the last minute, but was not successful.

The Indian junior girls hockey team became champions despite their defeat with Australia.


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