Hacked Disney+ Accounts Are Being Sold For As Little As $3

Some of Disney's first subscribers have complained that their accounts have already been hacked and apparently sold on the dark web.

Disney + is finally here and has been for a few weeks. The launch of the platform has been mixed with Disney hit by good and bad news. The good news is that more than 10 million people subscribed to the streaming service the first day. The bad news is that the unexpected influx of spectators on the first day caused the service to block.

Disney now has control over its mass subscriber base, for the most part, but now faces another problem. Many of those subscribers report that their Disney + accounts have already been hacked, reports the New York Post. Pirated account reports have appeared on social networks since the service was launched in the US. UU. November 12, 2019.

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This is not the case with a family member who appears in your account just as they tend to do with Netflix. It is the much more sinister instance of the account details that hackers acquire and sell on the dark web. NYP reports that pirated accounts sell for just $ 3, so less than half the price of the monthly Disney + subscription.


So how do hackers have these account details in their hands, apparently with very little effort? Well, according to Disney +, they must be accounts that customers have registered through a third party. Disney says it has not been able to find any kind of security breach that would have allowed the theft of private details. However, some of the users that have been hacked claimed to have registered through Disney + and not any third party.

As for these tricks that deter potential customers, well, that doesn't seem to have been the case. As mentioned earlier, 10 million people signed up for Disney + on the first day and the hype surrounding the new service does not seem to have diminished since then. Clearly, it is very important for us to fill ourselves with Baby Yoda and almost all the Disney movies that have been released, even if that means that a complete stranger is also watching us without our knowing.

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