Damsa, Episode 1: Nadia Jamil's Show Gives Nail Beat Strength

Nadia Jamil came back watching TV screens as “Damsa,” an ARY show directed by Najaf Bilgirami, authored by Asma Nabeel and co-starred by Shahood Alvi, Emaan Khan, and Saleem Mairaj. The show attracted a lot of attention with the involvement of Nadia Jamil. Nadia Jamil has put a lot of effort into promoting this show on social media to advocate for children who are survivors of abuse. Every time she sees a child begging on the road while working with her eyes open, we must know that an individual must realize that this is not normal vision and society has put our child in pain for life. All eyes are on “Damsa” while maintaining her passion for the subject and her high level of acting expected from Nadia.

The performance is centered around happy families including Ares (Nadia Jamil) and her husband Musa (Sha Viti Albi) and Damsa (Emma An Khan) and Rahim (Palak Naim). In the years after the marriage of Ares and Moussa, her apostles hate Ares, but Ares loves enough to live a happy and satisfying life from Moussa and her children Receives. A doctor is a lovely and lovely teenager who is an apple of the mother's eyes. After seeing this happy and sweet family, when Damsa was caught by masked men after school and dragged into the van in front of Areej's eyes, it hurts and scared more. While Areej and neighbors hurried to save Damsa, they were too late to take her away. Then Areej and Musa start looking for their daughter.

All this happens in the first episode and requires a lot of work. Anyone with child can experience the chaos of Areej and Musa. Information about the kidnapping of children, their condition, progress and well-being is terrible and unfortunately part of reality. The performance is not perfect, but almost all of the acting of Areze's widowed brother, Nadia Jamil and Shahood Alvi, is excellent. This program is difficult to see due to cramped and heavy subjects, but it is a must watch (if you stay on the right track).

"Damsa" could not be released in "better" time because there is no better word. This is because there is no such thing as "better" when dealing with this situation. But more than ever, the topic of child trafficking, kidnappings and physical attacks on women should be openly discussed. In the news, reports of assaults and kidnappings require our society to broaden awareness, educate the public on how the incidents occur and how to target girls. "Damsa" has a strong start, but it would be nice if the show provided viewers with information on how to support survivors in such cases.


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