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Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019-A ghost comes into the house Vishal Aditya Singh Heres lyrics

Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019: Bigg Boss 13, one of the most controversial shows in the TV world, apparently has some fury, where Shehnaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh watched hard work last night. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill became the new captain of this house.

Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019

After becoming the captain of Shehnaz Gill, many will see her against her. According to a new promotion by Madhurima Tuli, bigg boss 13 will postpone everything Shehnaz Gill. On the other hand, Vishal Aditya Singh can be seen at home doing ululral acts in the middle of the night. According to a promotion announced by the manufacturer of Bigg Boss 13, Vishal will sleep in the middle of the night. Not only this, he will hit his head against the wall of the house. In this situation, every family in the house is shocked, and Madhurima Tuli thinks to everyone that a soul is pulling towards them.

By the way, seeing such a participant in Bigg Boss's house can be bluffing at night or anxious to people. Vishal Aditya Singh may want to harass new captain Shehnaz Gill under conspiracy. As you can see, she was slightly upset that Shehnaaz Gill became a new captain after defeating them.

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