Bigg Boss 13 December 18, 2019 Episode Update Update: Asim Riaz New Vivo Captain – Umang

Bigg Boss 13 December 18, 2019 Episode Update Update: Asim Riaz New Vivo Captain
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Episode Update written by Bigg Boss 13 Dec 18, 2019As soon as Siddharth Shukla arrives at Bigg Boss's house, the cute ties with Shehnaz Gill are once again shown. Siddharth and Paras Chhabra had a good time with Shehnaz. Ignoring Siddharth, Shehnaz threatens to continue the hunger strike.

  • The episode starts with the big boss boss and resumes the Caprancy Task. Paras, Mahira, Rashmi, Shefali Bagga is out of the task. Bigg Buzzer for the next round of cats and rats, Asim Riaz, nailed to the task, trying very hard to put a species on the cat, but the species was cut off by Asim and Vishal. One from each team, preparing for sacrifice on the Red Shehnaaz team, during the work, Mahira Sharma caused problems in Paras because she did not want to talk to Paras and Asim. Red Shehnaaz and Team Blue Vikas Gupta are closed.
  • Shehnaaz is trying to convince Siddarth. Because he loves Paras, he was hurt by Shehnaz but knows that he likes Mahira and shehnaaz is not interested in Siddarth Shukla. He told me that he did not want to participate in the game of Shehnaaz.
  • Talking to each other in the night garden area, Farah and Mahira Paras Express will delight you at night with a feeling of Mahira and kisses.
  • Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga has been nominated this week. She calmed down because she entered the show again as a wild card participant. But now, after being nominated, Shefali Bagga changed the game. Sheparly is trying to create a sagittarius in the house.
  • Shefali Bagga had a lot of discussions with the team during the Capacity Task. She was very angry when she got out of the game. Shefali fought Vikas Gupta, Madhurima Tuli and Rashmi Desai. Angry Shepari later tossed Bigg Boss's fortune by throwing placards for all participant names
  • Shefali Bagga avenges her defeat with her family. A promo video shows Shefali is bothering every family in the darkness of the night. She is using the utensils to lift everyone's blankets. Every family gets mad at Shefali's midnight drama. They try to stop the Shepali. But Shefali disagrees.
  • Finally, Vikas Gupta picks up Shefali Bagga and fastens it to the bathroom. Then Shefali Bagga screams in the bathroom.

Shehnaaz is considered a convincing Siddharth. Is Shehnaz asking Siddharth if you are talking to me or not? In response, Siddharth did not say. Everything is over. Shahnaz says – you have all the emotions. But now my heart hurts, so it's not a feeling.

Siddharth is sleeping and Shehnaz is trying to talk to him. Sometimes she sprinkles a drop of water, pretends to cry and sometimes tries to apply a lipstick of Siddharth. Shehnaz Gill pretends to shout loudly. Says Shehnaz. What is your attitude and what do you understand? Shekhnas also threatened to continue the hunger attack because of repeated neglect by Siddhart.

Shehnaz was angry with Paras Chhabra earlier because she named Mahira Sharma on Capracy's captain. Shehnaz causes a lot of fuss about this. At the same time, Paras-Siddharth torments Shehnaz. Shannas tells Paras that she loves herself. Later, Siddharth torments Shehnaz under the name Paras.

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