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Bigg Boss 13 Contributor Rashami Desai and Salman Khan AD Video Virus

In Bigg Boss 13, Rashmi Desai is one of them. The show also stars Rashmi with her boyfriend Arhaan Khan. In front of Salman, Rashmi said he would suggest this show every year but declined each time. Salman said he has known Lashmi for a long time. Meanwhile, Salman and Rashmi's Ad Video are about nine years old.

Salman and Rashmi are adding detergent powder. AD is considered a partner of Rashmi Salman in the video. Clean both clothes. Rashmi wore a green saree while Salman wore a white shirt. Big Boss, Salman talked about Arhaan's past yesterday. He advises Rashmi: “ I have known you for many years, so I think about your relationship. Say & # 39; & # 39; In such a situation, Salman knew Rashmi for many years.

At the time Rashmi performed this AD video, she played the role of & # 39; Tapasya & # 39; on the serial & # 39; Utran & # 39; in the Colors channel. This character of Rashmi has become very famous. In fact, even fans became acquainted with the name Tapasya.

Soon talking about the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, you will see Siddharth and Rashmi fight once again. When the promo video shows up, it shows the caller of the week calling Siddharth. Why fight on the show when the caller apologized to Rashmi Desai outside the show to Siddharth? Rashmi begins to speak while Siddharth answers this. Rashmi said in front of Salman & # 39; we were never together. Out. She comes back. I have reached an orphan.

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