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Airtel's VoWiFi Service Eliminates Free Call and Network Issues
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Airtel's VoWiFi Service Eliminates Free Call and Network IssuesYou may have heard of the latest version of the VoWiFi service in Airtel. Airtel is the first mobile operator to launch VoWiFi service in India. But what is Airtel's VoWiFi service? Tell us everything you want to know about the Airtel VoWiFi service, its benefits and how it works.

VoWiFi stands for Voice over Wi-Fi. This is a service that allows mobile customers to call for free over Wi-Fi. You can also receive SMS and MMS. As in cellular networks. In other words, if your phone network keeps going up and down, it won't affect your connection! You are within Wi-Fi range.

Airtel VoWiFi service is based on Wi-Fi. That is, whether you are at home or in the office, you should use this service near the Wi-Fi point. If your phone is compatible with Wi-Fi calling, that is, with the option of Wi-Fi calling, you can comfortably use the VoWiFi service on Airtel. In addition, if the network becomes weak while you are receiving a call and talking on the network, the call will be switched to Wi-Fi and will not be disconnected. This requires that both VoLTE and WiFi be turned on. Or if you are out of Wi-Fi range during a call, the call will switch to the cellular network. In other words, there is no question about call interruption and network failure. Another thing to note is that this service only works with VoLTE. In such a situation, if you have an old phone or if your phone does not support Wi-Fi calling, you will not be able to use this service.

Here's what you need for Airtel's VoWiFi service:

• Wi-Fi router and high speed internet connection

• Smartphones that support Wi-Fi calling

• Latest software update

• Go to Settings and turn on the Wi-Fi Calling switch.

• Turn on both VoLTE and WiFi for the best calling experience.

Is there an additional fee for this service? Of course not. There is no charge for this. You can also make free roaming calls with the help of this facility. However, this facility for international calls and roaming is not provided.

Currently, the Airtel VoWiFi service is only available to customers with Airtel SIM cards and Airtel Extreme Fiber Home Broadband. The company will soon offer this service on all Wi-Fi and hotspots. But you must have an Airtel SIM card. Regarding the phone, the service is currently available on some smartphones from Apple, Samsung, One Plus and Xiaomi that support Wi-Fi calling. Go to www to see if your phone supports Wi-Fi calling.

Airtel VoWiFi service is now a great technology that can virtually eliminate indoor network problems. Network problems frequently occur at home and in the office. In such situations, making and receiving calls over Wi-Fi will help eliminate network problems in basements and crowded places.

So get ready for Airtel's VoWiFi for the age of mobile technology people will talk about – network problems – what is it!

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