& # 39; Kahl Sharma Shaw & # 39 ;, again controversial, asked Bharti Singh to be removed from the show – Umang

& # 39; Kahl Sharma Shaw & # 39 ;, again controversial, demanded that Bati Singh be removed from the show.

The Kapil Sharma Show is a mixed year of 2019. Kapil's show, on the other hand, got a good response for TRP. On the other hand, the show is also controversial for other reasons. Even after the end of the year, news will be re-broadcast for negative reasons. In fact, examples of offending religious feelings for Bharti Singh were registered, which made the audience laugh about her performance in the performance. After that, the demand for Bharti was removed from the show.

Bharti was reportedly offended by the community on a show broadcast on Christmas Eve by the Punjab police along with actress Raveena Tandon and choreographer and film director Farah Khan. This dissatisfaction claims that the trio (Barati, La Benya, Para) hurt the religious feelings of Christians.

Since the complaint was filed, the plea to banish Barati from the show has become increasingly popular on social media. So far, about 7,000 people have signed. Farah Khan watched the controversy grow on Friday and said: & # 39; I respect all religions and it's never the purpose to be rude. On behalf of Raveena Tandon, Bharti Singh and the whole team, I apologize to the people.

Rabenena Tandon also said, “ I did not say to ignore religion. The three of us had no motivation to insult religion. I sincerely apologize if someone hurts.

This is not the first time the actors involved in the show have been controversial. Earlier, the producers had to get out of the exhibition due to the statement about Navjot Singh Sidhu.

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Posting the “The Kapil Sharma Show” controversy demanded that Bharti Singh be removed from the exhibition.


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