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17 Photos Of J-Lo With Guys Who Aren’t A-Rod | TheThings

The married life began in 1997. The first photos of J-Lo dating other men date from the mid-80s. Yes, the pop star had more than a few relationships in the past, be it boyfriends, husbands or devils , even multiple adventures that were only for funnzies …

We will take a look at its ancient flames of the past that are not A-Rod. In addition, we will show other men in J-Lo's life who are not romantically involved with the pop star, but who are nevertheless very close, enough to make their current fiance a little jealous.

Enjoy the article friends and, as always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are photos of J-Lo with other types that are not A-Rod. Let us begin.

17 Cristiano Ronaldo

through Pinterest

These two have a close relationship, although we cannot say that they have left. In 2016, Ronaldo appeared in Las Vegas during J-Lo's birthday party.

In early 2017, Lopez would surprise his cousin with the soccer star for his birthday. Clearly, these two have a close bond. Cristiano is spoiled when it comes to celebrities, he also spent time with Rihanna more recently.

sixteen Duck

through Pinterest

This was a great story at one point. The two would even post intimate photos together. They approached while they worked a song together, some would even say that Drake would specifically write a song about their past relationship.

However, it could have been a quick adventure for the pop star.

fifteen Bradley Cooper

through Pinterest

This was a relationship full of stars, to say the least. The romance began in 2011 when the two were seen at a dinner in New York.

According to the media, the relationship could have been a rebound for J-Lo after his long career with Marc Anthony. The two had an easy time to move on.

14 Maksim Chmerkovskiy

through Pinterest

This relationship falls into the category of rumors. Maksim spoke with NY Daily News In 2014, insisting that their relationship was strictly all about having fun … whatever that means.

They were seen having a flirtatious night, this must finally be classified in another J-Lo adventure.

13 Pit bull

through Pinterest

These two had some exciting moments in the past, both on stage and through music videos next to each other, but make no mistake.

Everything was strictly professional since these two are actually very good friends behind the scenes. Pitbull would also call J-Lo his "angel," in recent interviews over the years.

12 Casper Smart

through Pinterest

This relationship made headlines given a huge age gap between the two of almost two decades. Casper admitted to Hi which began with innocent flirting and eventually became a relationship;

“I was very young, I was 23 or 24 years old, she was 18 years older, so I was about 42 years old with two children. But at the moment, everything just clicked. We spend every day together for a year. "

eleven Future

through Pinterest

Okay, we're just stirring things up here, since J-Lo is seen with a guy who isn't A-Rod, although again this was another collaboration and a matter strictly for the pop star.

The two met in 2013, according to Fall at once, go to the studio and work together on a track.

10 The rock

through Pinterest

Internet would break if these two were a real article. The truth is that Dwayne is happily married and has children, while J-Lo is also more than happy with her current relationship with A-Rod.

The two icons enjoyed training together. Lopez loves to pump iron while DJ also motivates millions of people around the world to do so.

9 9 Ben Affleck

through Pinterest

"I think at a different time, who knows what could have happened, but there was genuine love there."

Those were J-Lo's words related to the relationship with Ben through E online. Lopez admitted that public pressure hurt the long-term relationship. Surprisingly, he admitted that he would do it all over again, in 2016.

8 YOU.

through Pinterest

Okay, let's never get the wrong idea again: this was strictly J-Lo celebrating his birthday in 2014, along with T.I. Lopez had just finished a concert at home and enjoyed a birthday celebration in the Bronx right after.

The two took some photos together, but everything was innocent.

7 7 Rodrigo Santoro

through Pinterest

They appeared together in the movie, What to expect when you're waiting. Of course, according to Ranker, there would be rumors that the two had an affair off the set: we have heard that such a scenario takes place more than a few times.

However, nothing really happened about the situation and it was quite innocent.

6 6 Criss Judd

through Pinterest

They tied the knot in the early 2000s, although only a couple of years later, they were already separated.

Given Judd's recent interview with OK magazine, he no longer lives in the shadow of J-Lo, claiming that he has not watched her and that he is "very far" from the situation and relationship.

5 5 Marc Anthony

through Pinterest

This is the relationship we remember most, which lasted a decade. Finally, the two decided to go their own way, Anthony would even remarry soon after, which would also lead to divorce.

Anthony was recently asked about J-Lo's commitment and says he is only happy for her.

4 4 Personal trainer

Oh yes, we just had to include a photo of J-Lo and his personal trainer for a long time. Let's say you both have some gym photos of the past and present, but hey, you're just trying to help her with those gains!

Whatever you are doing seems to work, Lopez is an eternal wonder.

3 David Cruz

through Pinterest

According to Ranker, this was one of J-Lo's first public relations. They started dating when López was just a teenager and, according to the timeline, would last from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.

Finally, they ended up following their own path, with J-Lo achieving massive fame.

two Ojani Noa

through Pinterest

You always remember the first. This was J-Lo's first marriage in the late 90s, which would only last one year. He married the actor and film producer, whom he met working as a waiter in a restaurant.

The two fell instantly, but the flame would be extinguished soon after.

1 P Diddy

through Pinterest

All headlines were stolen on the day and it turns out that P.Diddy is still awaiting J-Lo. He commented on a steamy photo writing, "OMG". A-Rod responded quickly, writing in the same photo, "Lucky."

It is not the first time that a couple of celebrities compete for their attention.

Sources: IG, Ranker and E online


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