WeWork’s Adam Neumann sued over $1.7bn package

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WeWork's shareholders have brought the company to court for more than $ 1.7 billion (£ 130 million).

According to her lawsuit, the money awarded to Mr. Neumann is "beyond reading" and "inappropriate."

The company accuses Neumann and WeWork Investor Softbank of signing contracts in exchange for small shareholders by misusing their control.

WeWork called the claim "ruthless".

This lawsuit was Represents the latest debate about Neumann's relationship with the company. He resigned as chief executive in September after the company's efforts to raise money through stock market stimulus collapsed in part due to questions about his leadership.

After canceling the stimulus plan, WeWork accepted SoftBank's funding package, which included Neumann's exit agreement, which agreed to give up most shares and leave the board of directors.

WeWork is cleaning up its business with the expectation of thousands of job cuts. The value of stocks plummeted from previous investments to the latest financing.

The company told investors it will sell businesses that are not part of its office rental operations, such as Wavegarden, which makes indoor surfing pools.

The lawsuit was filed by Natalie Sojka in the San Francisco High Court for a year and a half at the company and received shares as part of her wage.

She proposed in class action on behalf of herself and other minority shareholders.


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