Video: ‘The Rock’, the octagonal “BMF” belt escort in UFC 244

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson broke into UFC all week and began to announce his presence to ESPN + PPV at Madison Square Garden in New York City last night (Saturday, November 2, 2019) at UFC 244. To prepare for the main events of welterweight Nate Diaz and Jorge Mas Vidal, the octagon was escorted by B & B 39.

"The Rock" was on stage after the UFC 245 Free Fight press conference this week to release his new film about MMA legend Mark Kerr. He stood on stage while Diaz and Masvidal stared at the conscious weighing of the UFC 244. Finally, he found his & # 39; rock & # 39; theme music and walked us to the wonderful & # 39; BMF & # 39; belt.

Check out the above provided by UFC / ESPN.

Johnson, an avid MMA fan over the years, is not the only celebrity to appear last night on UFC 244. US President Donald Trump also walked to the floor of the stadium and UFC reached a new stratosphere with the “BMF” promotion.

Diaz and Mars Vidal will finally find a way to be the “Baddest Motherf-ker” in the game.

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