USC to get Rs6 billion to provide essential items on lower rates

The ISLAMABAD-government decided on Friday to provide 6 billion rupees to the Utility Store Corporation (USC) to provide people with reduced rates of essential items including flour, ghee, sugar, rice and pulses.

In a meeting with Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan, decisions were made on the price cuts and the relief of people every day.

The Prime Minister briefly outlined the current situation and price of basic essential commodities, including flour, ghee, sugar, rice and pulses, as well as measures to lower the price of such commodities.

The prime minister said the government's first priority is providing relief to the public. It is best to provide special relief to low-income and poor people.

He said the government made a difficult decision considering the difficult economic situation. But these decisions helped stabilize the economy. He said economic indicators have improved and will get better in the future.

He said he would make every possible effort to rescue the public despite difficult circumstances.

The prime minister instructed the administration of Utility Stores Corporation to immediately supply the essential goods to the people after receiving the amount of 6 billion rupees.

Communications Minister Murad Saeed told the conference that a vast network of Pakistan Posts could be used to provide commodities to the public.

He said the Pakistan Post will soon start delivering home and supply people with the essentials at the door.

Chairman and Managing Director of Utility Stores Corporation told the prime minister that supplying the company with 6 billion rupees will help significantly lower the price of essential commodities.

The Prime Minister said the fund would drop the price of a bag of 20 kg of flour by 132 rupees, 9 rupees of sugar, 30 rupees per kilogram, 20 rupees of rice per kilogram, and pulse prices by 15 rupees. .

The Prime Minister was also informed about the actions taken to check corruption in the Utility Store Corporation and ensure the proper supply of essential goods in the utility outlets. The prime minister instructed that the information store should be used to check for corruption in utility stores.

The meeting was attended by Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, Minister of Communications Murad Saeed, Dr. Sania Nishter, Special Assistant, Finance, Planning, Communications, National Food Safety and Industry, USC President and other Ministers. Executive Director, Islamabad Chief Member and other senior officers.


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