the Superstar’ or ‘Punjab Solarisation Project’, litmus test for our social media

After the rain in Karachi Fixit The founder beat badly and later released politely. I'm serious? politely… ? Yeah! I mean there's less baton here and there, and a day or two of lockouts would allow the campaigner and his followers to light up the wider day to persuade local government authorities for a mess in the whole city. It is worth the crime committed. . too many! It was quite a story for electronic media to keep up with breaking news. A few lucky people's TRP skyrocketed, managing the footage of Alamgir Khan sitting in a wooden chair at the police station. Oh boy!

And there was a real scoop! bang! Some DJs claiming to have beaten their pregnant wife to the Blacks and Blues provoked tremendous anger from almost everyone on social media. It was both. Good and bad. It was good because the whole society thought that domestic violence was bad. Rather, it should not tolerate disadvantages. Bad in two ways The law on such crimes is ambiguous, and should be corrected as soon as possible, and men still show women physically by Arthur showing his masculinity. Sad things really happen when we respect and treat our ladies with dignity.

Just as the state continues to get tired of typing and fighting on these two issues, we have become involved in one of the two big national concerns. Several relationships snapshots of Fridous Jamal vs Mahira Khan oral language and Imamul Haq take place on almost all social media platforms. “The country's serious concern” was that Twitter's trend topped the list, but the latter's entertainment index outperformed Super Star NOORI. Offering.

Now, as little or little is said about the Punjab Government Energy Department's "Punjab Solarization Project", I have explained a little about what is less important to society (according to the media priority scale). Sounds boring? Is there a lack of spices? Could it not be on the headline of the television screen or be one of the trends on Twitter? You must know But! Please wait. I'll just fire you, and then next year we'll move on to important national concerns, such as whether Bilawal Bhutto is getting married or Sheikh Rasheed is wearing a wig or has real hair. Or can you talk about whether Hamza Ali Abbasi naturally has a deep voice or is a fake? Hmm. Weird? Breaking News? authoritative!

But the first Punjab solarization program. If you believe Dr. Akhtar Malik, Minister of Energy of Punjab, 15,000 schools, 2200 basic health facilities, and the Islamic University of Walapur will be converted to solar energy. That means about 1.8 million children can receive uninterrupted power supply at schools outside the state.

Some 3200 elementary school Solaris courses have already been completed and 10,000 schools will be completed by the end of December this year. In addition, 168,000 patients daily benefit from Basic Health Units throughout Punjab. Do you not guide Punjab era of clean energy and enlightenment? Dr Akhtar said that under the leadership of Sardar Usman Buzdar, Punjab's PTI government believes in real social services, unlike the special effects of its predecessors. I hope someday the media will review priorities and projects like these will be preferred over juicy ones that are not worth it!


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