Supreme Court launches mobile app and helpline

In response to the trend of mobile app adoption, the Pakistan Supreme Court has also launched mobile applications and help lines. The application and helpline aims to give quick definitions to the common people.

At an event in Pakistan’s Supreme Court, Hon & # 39; ble Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa launched a mobile video, a 1818 Supreme Court call center, 05 courts, a research center, and a full video link to an upgraded website to make it more user friendly. The Chief Justice “We landed in the century of 21st century technology and development.”

Starting an IT infrastructure will improve performance and help lawyers file a defense without delay. This also helps to discard the case and reduce backlog pressure.

In response to accusations that the court heard examples of powerful people, he explained that 3,100 judges heard 3.6 million cases without discrimination. He added, “Everything is equal in terms of law”. The establishment of a model trial court gave excellent results. This model court conducted more than 73,000 trials across the country during this short period.

The upgraded Supreme Court website includes user interface improvements for online case status, cause list search, and judgment search tools. This website has search engine optimization features for all search tools, making it more user friendly and relevant.

Contact the Supreme Court Call Center (1818) for questions such as:

  • Cause list query
  • Judgment query
  • Case query
  • Roster query
  • Process related query

The Supreme Mobile App is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for the following information:

  • Search for a case using the full history of the case.
  • Decision Search with Multiple Parameters
  • Retrieve personalized cause list for registered users
  • Important news highlights
  • Roster search
  • User Profile and Registration
  • Custom alerts

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