Stump Me! – Can you pass it? Answers and Walkthrough – A one Page Solution for all levels

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Stump Me is another puzzle game that keeps our teams connected. It all started with Brain Out puzzles where our team enjoys playing at levels that need a lot of help. But we broke it and shared the answer with everyone. We got a lot of praise and opinion to solve the next generation IQ puzzle game called Brain Puzzle. We enjoyed everything and some levels were much harder than the Brain Out game. Now we have another puzzle game title, “Stump Me! – Can you deliver it? ”And it captures us. The game has been humming so far and we had to think outside the box to solve some of the levels we were trapped in. We edited the answers, solutions and exercises for all levels on a single page. Thanks for the Stump Me solution page that can help us when we are stuck in one or two levels.

Stump Me Level 1
Workaround: Swipe the arrow left on the screen.
Stump Me Level 2
Question: Help the boy to go through the puddles. Solution: place the girl in the puddle
Stump Me Level 3
Question: Make the largest burning torch. Solution: Put all the torch on top of each other.
Stump Me Level 4
Solution: Put your finger on the thermometer to increase body temperature.
Stump Me Level 5
Question: clean car. Solution: Rub the car until the dust is removed.
Stump Me Level 6
Question: Hide the elephant. Workaround: Swipe the elephant out of the screen.
Stump Me Level 7
Solution: make the girl love Move your bike to find Ferrari.
Stump Me Level 8
Question: Find the water. Causes of causation and harm resolution method: water turns bad when the device is turned upside down.
Stump Me Level 9
Solution: place stars and bottles in silhouettes Place the diamond in the star silhouette above the star.
Stump Me Level 10
Solution: Take your money with two fingers and tear it up.
Stump Me Level 11
Workaround: To see Steve Jobs, place Tim Cook's hair> Show Black Lines> on iPhone to create iPhone X.
Stump Me Level 12
Question: Let the girl chase the boy. Solution: Give the boy a wallet.
Stump Me Level 13
Solution: Combine blue and yellow buttons to make green.
Stump Me Level 14
Question: Defeat the monsters. Workaround: Connect your device to Charger> Tap Hero.
Stump Me Level 15
Question: Open champagne. How to cause and eliminate the resolution How to shake: Shake the device, shake> tap the cork to pop champagne.
Stump Me Level 16
Question: Choose a girl to bring home. Solution: Hit all four girls.
Stump Me Level 17
Question: Let your boyfriend stay forever. Solution: pat on both legs to break.
Stump Me Level 18
Question: Find the pig. Workaround: Zoom in on the minions to show the pig tattoo.
Stump Me Level 19
Question: Compete before competing with Dwayne Johnson. Solution: Give it lutein and tap the green marker to become a hulk.

Stump Me Level 20
Question: Find the hidden pocket money. Solution: move everything. 10 pieces behind the curtain. 5 behind the sofa. 50 pieces behind the button. One behind the wig in the picture. 66 total
Stump Me Level 21
Question: Fill in the blanks. Solution: Enter R The sequence is the same as for a manual transmission.
Stump Me Level 22
Solution: Take out & # 39; Next Level & # 39; from the text and press the Blank button> Tab button to pass it.
Stump Me Level 23
Workaround: Press the red button 15 times and hit success.
Stump Me Level 24
Question: Stop the noise upstairs. Solution: Call (6969) and enter 609.
Stump Me Level 25
Question: Make a true equation. Workaround: Drag the orange cat into the box, drag five fish into the box, and hit OK.
Stump Me Level 26
Question: Make the girl more beautiful. Solution: Move the wig and tap the phone to take a picture.
Stump Me Level 27
Question: Which money is real? Solution: Shake the device and you will see & # 39; actually
Stump Me Level 28
Question: Light up the ram. Solution: Place two fingers on the wire.
Stump Me Level 29
Question: Choose another girl. Solution: Turn the device upside down and tap other underwear.
Stump Me Level 30
Question: Help someone with constipation. Solution: Connect the headphones.
Stump Me Level 31
Question: Hitting someone kicking you. Solution: Move the water bottle to your feet.
Stump Me Level 32
Question: Pass the grass. Workaround: Double-click the rear hero> Move backward hero> Rival.
Stump Me Level 33
Solution: The largest possible number is 999.
Stump Me Level 34
Question: How many apples are there? Solution: Shake the device so that the apples fall from the tree.
Stump Me Level 35
Question: Wear a hat. Cause and Resolution Method: Turn off the screen.
Stump Me Level 36
Solution: There are flashlight points left.
Stump Me Level 37
Solution: top right.
Stump Me Level 38
Question: Catch the stars Solution: If the asterisk is inside the crosshairs, tap ok.
Stump Me Level 39
Question: Choose someone to get married. Solution: Pass the knife to the man.
Stump Me Level 40
Solution: fruit order: apples, blueberries, bananas. The order is 1 fruit, 2 fruits, 3 fruits.

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